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Manufacturing Process


RWF manufactures cast steel wheels by a controlled pressure pouring process. In this process, the raw material used is pedigree scrap (old used wheelsets, axles etc, rejected as unfit for use by the Railways). The scrap steel is melted in Ultra High Frequency Electric Arc furnace. The correct chemistry of molten metal steel is established through a Spectrometer. The wheels are eventually get cast in the graphite moulds, which are pre-heated and sprayed. After allowing for a pre-determined setting time the mould is spilt and the risers are automatically separated from the cast wheel.

The wheel is then subjected to various heat treatments. The wheel undergoes the process of cleaning, checking, peening and various stages of inspections. The wheel produced by this process requires no machining except the precession boring of heats central hole (hub) where the axle has to be fitted.


RWF buys high-quality vacuum-degassed steel blooms from large-scale steelmakers. Axles are manufactured from billets cut from the blooms. These blooms are forged in a precision long-forging machine supplied from M/s GFM, Austria. The billets are heated in a rotary hearth furnace to forging temperatures. Billets then forged in axles on a special purpose long forging machine. The forged axles are gas cut to required length. The axles are heat treated through various heat treatment process. The physical properties are confirmed before machining of the axles. The forged axles are machined on various machines. The operations include end machining, rough turning, finish turning, machining centers, grinding and burnishing. Internationally standardized tests (ultrasonic, magnetic particle, etc.) are used to confirm the quality of the axles.

Wheel Sets

The assembly of wheel sets is done on a highly automated wheel assembly complex. The wheel seat size of the axles is measured on an automated measuring unit and the dimensions are transferred to two wheel borers. Paired wheels are custom bored as per the wheel seat size to get correct interference fit. The wheels are then pressed on axle in a 300 T Wheel press.

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