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Non Gazetted

Office Orders - Non Gazetted


Office Orders  Dated Description                                                                                                                                                                    
RWF/ESTT/352 08.10.2021 Trainee JE's Posted to Electrical Dept. Axle and Wheel
RWF/ESTT/354 11.10.2021 Ms.Sarada Reddy, Sr.Clerk Transferred to Civil Dept.
RWF/ESTT/338 29.09.2021 Mr.Sanjeev Kumar helper transferred to SWR
RWF/ESTT/334 27.09.2021 Sangeeth Varma C&MA Trainee
RWF/ESTT/333 27.09.2021 RRB Trainee Technicians
RWF/ESTT/328 23.09.2021 Mahendra Kumar transferred from ICF
RWF/ESTT/320 20.09.2021 Santhosh Kumar transferred to General Dept.
RWF/R100/914 04.09.2021 Sharada and Sahana New Clerks reported to Mechanical Dept
RWF/ESTT/320 04.09.2021 Nange Gowda. N, SSE Transferred from MMS to MWFPS
RWF/ESTT/283 21.08.2021 Mr.Ganesh Kumar and Birender Kumar Mandal helpers mutual transfers
RWF/ESTT/277 06.08.2021 Rudresh Rao Track Maint III Promotion
RWF/ESTT/274 04.08.2021 Mr.Harikrishna Jr.Clerk Transferred to Srly
RWF/ESTT/264 28.07.2021 Smt.Jayalaxmi Office Peon MACP
RWF/ESTT/239 24.07.2021 Mr.Ashish Kumar.Peon, Transferred to NERly
RWF/ESTT/238 24.07.2021 Mr.Vimal Kumar.Peon, Transferred to NERly
RWF/ESTT/256 20.07.2021 Mr.Gokul .G, pharmacist transferred from UBL
RWF/ESTT/254 16.07.2021 Mr.Srinivasa office peon MACP
RWF/ESTT/249 15.07.2021 Mr.Satyendra Singh & Abhishek Ranja SSE,mutual  transferrs
RWF/ESTT/246 13.07.2021 Mr.Chitranjan Kumar & Sharath.S ,Helpers,mutual  transferrs
RWF/ESTT/244 12.07.2021 Mr.Keshava.N,JE Transferred from SWRly
RWF/ESTT/241 09.07.2021 Dr.Shivali,Medical Practitioner contract period extension
RWF/ME-10/599 02.07.2021 Dr.Sindhuri.G,Medical Practitioner contract period extension
RWF/ESTT/223 30.06.2021 Wheel Unit JEs promotions as SSE
RWF/ESTT/218 24.06.2021 Mr.M Srinu Naik transferred from Scrly.TPTY
RWF/ESTT/208 18.06.2021 Mr.Saravanan and Sivakumar  Helpers
RWF/ESTT/204 14.06.2021 Mechanical Maint Unit Helpers Promotions
RWF/ESTT/185 02.06.2021 RRB JEs Acceptance
RWF/ESTT/184 02.06.2021 Smt.Zeenath and Mr.Soni Chos Promotions in Stores Dept.
RWF/ESTT/183 01.06.2021 Mechanical Wheel Unit Promotions
RWF/ESTT/182 01.06.2021 Electrical Power Group Promotions
RWF/ESTT/181 01.06.2021 Axle Unit Mech Staff Promotions
RWF/ESTT/180 01.06.2021 Mechanical Maint Unit Promotions
RWF/ESTT/177 31.05.2021 Changes of Welfare Inspectors Portfolio
RWF/ESTT/174 28.05.2021 Elec Power Group internal transfers
RWF/ESTT/170 21.05.2021 CMAs Wheel to Axle Shop internal transfers
RWF/ESTT/162 19.05.2021 RRB Mechanical Trainees postings done to their respective shops
RWF/ESTT/135 23.04.2021 Kyla Nagaraj & Shyla Temp.Transfers to Medical
RWF/ESTT/124 10.04.2021 Mr.Praveen,Bette Gowda & Siddalingesh Uddi Elec.dept. Tech Gr-II promotions
RWF/ESTT/120 08.04.2021 Mr.Srinivas GK, Tech-I inter Railway transferr to Secundrabad Scrly.
RWF/ESTT/115 06.04.2021 Helpers of Wheel Unit promoted as Tech Gr.II
RWF/ESTT/107 01.04.2021 Soni Kumari, helper  transferred to central railway
RWF/ESTT/103 29.03.2021 Smt.Krupamma transferred to Hospital 
RWF/ESTT/095 24.03.2021 Mr.Rajesh KK, JE MACP
RWF/ESTT/091 23.03.2021 Mr.Gangadharappa  SSE,transferred to Axle forge Shop
RWF/ESTT/090 22.03.2021 Wheel Unit Staff Transfers
RWF/ESTT/081 17.03.2021 Mr.Ravi Nair SSE Transferred from AM Shop to AF Shop
RWF/ESTT/080 17.03.2021 Mlab Supervisors MACP
RWF/ESTT/079 17.03.2021 Mr.Venkateswara Transferred to AMS and Mr.Balasubramanya to EMMS
RWF/ESTT/074 13.03.2021 Mr.Shivajirao & Manjunath Office peons internal changes
RWF/ESTT/68 11.03.2021 Mr.Suresh babu & Kiran kumar elect.dept promoted as SSE
RWF/ESTT/69 09.03.2021 Wheel Unit Staff transferred to Alxle Shop
RWF/ESTT/062 03.03.2021 Mr.Vinod Kumar Emergency Peon posted in Pbranch
RWF/ESTT/061 27.02.2021 Civil Engineering Staff MACP
RWF/ESTT/059 25.02.2021 Mr. Manohar relieved from RRB/BNC
RWF/ESTT/048 25.02.2021 Mr.Chandra Sekhar Helper, transferred to Scrly/RJY
RWF/ESTT/046 12.02.2021 Mlab CMSs Temp Transfers to Axle Shop
RWF/ESTT/045 09.02.2021 SN Ravi Vendor MACP
RWF/ESTT/037 03.02.2021 Mr.Manoj KM, Promoted as Tech-I
RWF/ESTT/035 02.02.2021 Mr.Ravindra Pandy & Shyamsundara Raju MP Sr.Tech Promotions
RWF/ESTT/034 02.02.2021 Mr.Arif Pasha & Shankar Singh Sr.Tech Promotions
RWF/ESTT/032 29.01.2021 Medical Department staff MACPS
RWF/ESTT/022 18.01.2021 Kavitha Kumari Promoted Jr.Clerk and posted to Civil Dept.
RWF/ESTT/007 05.01.2021 Helpers Change of Category,Kavitha Kumari Promotion
RWF/ESTT/006 05.01.2021 Mr.Pawan Kumar, Helper resignation
RWF/ESTT/002 02.01.2021 Mr.Shaik Arif Pasha Promotion
RWF/ESTT/347 21.12.2020 Mr.Shivaprakash ChOs0 transfered to General Branch
RWF/ESTT/339 03.12.2020 Request Transfer of Mr.Rajiv Kumar Helper to NW Rly.
RWF/ESTT/273 06.10.2020 Mr.Chandrabos & Mr.Saran Madamana internal transfers
RWF/ESTT/272 06.10.2020 Civil Dept.Tech-II Promotions
RWF/ESTT/266 01.10.2020 Mr.Syed Mohsin SSE Tranferred to PCO
RWF/ESTT/260 28.09.2020 General Seniority Group Sr.Clerk Promotions
RWF/ESTT/250 23.09.2020 Personnel Branch changes in the section Designations of Supervisors
RWF/ESTT/249 23.09.2020 List Staff Retiring from service  30.09.2020
RWF/ESTT/246 21.09.2020 ChOS and OS Temporary Transfer to Medical from various depts
RWF/ESTT/231 10.09.2020 Stores Dept.Staff Promoted as Tech-II
RWF/ESTT/228 08.09.2020 Mr.Raghavendra K, Civil Engg.Promoted as Tech-II
RWF/ESTT/210 24.08.2020 Mr.Krishnamurthy PR,CMS Mlab Transferred to Axle Inspection
RWF/ESTT/209 25.08.2020 Posting of Helpers in Elec & Stores dept.
RWF/ESTT/208 24.08.2020 Posting of Helpers in mechanical dept.
RWF/ESTT/207 20.08.2020 Tech-II Promotions in Mech.SMS
RWF/ESTT/205 19.08.2020 Civil Dept.Tech-I Promotions
RWF/ESTT/203 14.08.2020 Mr.Shaji Chief Law Assistant Transferred from SCR
RWF/ESTT/195 03.08.2020 Mech WU Posted as Tech-III 2020
RWF/ESTT/194 03.08.2020 Mech WUO Sr.Tech Promotions 2020
RWF/ESTT/192 03.08.2020 Stores Dept.Staff MACP 2020
RWF/ESTT/190 30.07.2020 Mr.Kennedy PS GR-II transferred to RH
RWF/ESTT/186 24.07.2020 RRB Trainees Elec.Dept Postings
RWF/ESTT/184 23.07.2020 RT Drivers Promoted to Gr-II
RWF/ESTT/183 23.07.2020 Mr.Ramesh Promoted as RT Driver  L-6
RWF/ESTT/182 23.07.2020 List Staff Retiring from service  31.07.2020
RWF/ESTT/180 21.07.2020 Mr.Rajashekar A, MACP
RWF/ESTT/170 10.07.2020 RRB Trainees Tech III Regularisation 2020
RWF/ESTT/169 03.07.2020 Mech Axle Unit Tech II Promotion
RWF/ESTT/165 01.07.2020 Mech WUOperator Sr.Tech Promotion
RWF/ESTT/163 01.07.2020 Mech Dept Sr.Tech Promotion
RWF/ESTT/162 01.07.2020 Mech Maint Unit Tech III Promotion
RWF/ESTT/161 01.07.2020 Mech Wheel Unit Tech III Promotion
RWF/ESTT/166 30.06.2020 Ms.Jayanthi Promoted as Steno-III
RWF/ESTT/158 30.06.2020 ChOS promotions to Shiv Prakash,Vijlakshmi,Vijaykumar & OS to Vishal
RWF/ESTT/157 30.06.2020 Mr.Narayana Promoted as Master Cook
RWF/ESTT/154 29.06.2020 Mr.Manjunath, Manoj & Sanoj  SSE Promotion
RWF/ESTT/153 29.06.2020 Mr.Manjunath &  Sreedhar SSE Promotion
RWF/ESTT/152 29.06.2020 Mechanical Maint.Tech III Promotions
RWF/ESTT/151 29.06.2020 Mechanical dept. WU Tech III Promotions
RWF/Sett/MS/9407 16.06.2020 Mr.Saifullah Retirement (VR)
RWF/ESTT/150 30.06.2020 Mr.Kennedy.P PS-II transferred to Security
RWF/ESTT/141 26.06.2020 Mechanical dept. Machinist & MMV promotions
RWF/ESTT/120  08.06.2020 Mr.Krishnamurthy & Mr.Manohar Shetty MACP
RWF/ESTT/119 08.06.2020 Mr.Suresh & Bhatt Rajeev MACP
RWF/ESTT/104 29.05.2020 Mr.Kennedy & Ms.Bharathi  Internal Changes
RWF/ESTT/102 28.05.2020 Termination of re engaged Axle Shop 6 Staff
RWF/ESTT/101 28.05.2020 Termination of re engaged Wheel Shop 6 Staff
RWF/ESTT/098 22.05.2020 Mr.Chandrasekar promoted as Tech-II
RWF/ESTT/097 22.05.2020 2 Axle Unit Operators promoted as Tech-I
RWF/ESTT/096 22.05.2020 5  Tech-I promoted as Sr.Tech
RWF/ESTT/095 22.05.2020 3  Wheel Unit Operators promoted as Tech-I
RWF/PBR/MISC-20/251 27.04.2020 List Of Staff Retiring from service April  31.04.2020
RWF/ESTT/88 06.04.2020 Shri.Narayana(050711),Sr.Cook  Transferred  from Staff canteen to Hospital/RWF
RWF/PBR/MISC-20/251 27.03.2020 List Of Staff Retiring from service MARCH 31.03.2020
RWF/ESTT/69 06.03.2020 Shri.Shivabeeraiah.S, WUO Transferred to WFPS
RWF/ESTT/68 06.03.2020 Smt.Saradamma & Sri.Nagesh Kumar Internal Transfers
RWF/ESTT/60 24.02.2020 Mr.Ranjeeth Prasad,Helper  transferred to WFPS
RWF/ESTT/59 22.02.2020 Mr.Bablu Kumar promoted as Cook Gr-II
RWF/ESTT/58 22.02.2020 List Staff Retiring from service Feb 29.02.2020
RWF/ESTT/52 14.02.2020 Mr.Chandrasekaraiah,Elec.dept Promoted as JE
RWF/ESTT/37 29.01.2020 Mr.Lakshmikanth L. Promoted as OS L-6
RWF/ESTT/36 28.01.2020 Mr.Subramanya terminated on his demise
RWF/ESTT/29 24.01.2020 List Staff Retiring from service Jan -31.01.2020
RWF/ESTT/21 14.01.2020 Medical staff Dresser promotions
RWF/ESTT/20 14.01.2020 PCO Staff Internal Transfers
RWF/ESTT/19 10.01.2020 Jessy.PT Promoted as Steno Gr-I
RWF/ESTT/16 07.01.2020 Civil Dept.Track Maintainer Promotions
RWF/ESTT/06 02.01.2020 Mr.Vijayasarathi Promoted as Tech-II
RWF/ESTT/05 02.01.2020 Mr.Maheswarappa Promoted as SSE Civil Dept
RWF/ESTT/04 02.01.2020 Mr.Anand BK, promoted as SSE
RWF/ESTT/01 02.01.2020 Mech.Staff WU Sr.Tech Promotions
RWF/ESTT/419 31.12.2019 Mr.Krishna murthy & Kumar wheel shop promoted as SSE
RWF/ESTT/417 26.12.2019 List of Retiring staff from RWF on 31.12.2019
RWF/ESTT/416 27.12.2019 Mech Staff Tech-I Promotions
RWF/ESTT/411 18.12.2019 Office Peons Internal Changes
RWF/ESTT/410 18.12.2019 Office Peons Postings
RWF/ESTT/407 17.12.2019 WU Operators Promotions
RWF/ESTT/405 18.12.2019 Technicians III Trade Test
RWF/ESTT/403 16.12.2019 WU Technicians & Helpers Trade Test
RWF/ESTT/402 13.12.2019 Mechanical SSE & JE’s MACP
RWF/ESTT/400 12.12.2019 Electrical Dept.Mr.Umesh & Channakeshava Tech.II Promotion
RWF/ESTT/399 12.12.2019 Electrical Dept.Mr.Vinod Kumar Tech.II Promotion
RWF/ESTT/396 11.12.2019 Mr.Raghavendra Rao,WO & Mr.Rajiv Ranjan internal transferers
RWF/ESTT/390 07.12.2019 Technicians & Helpers Trade Test
RWF/ESTT/393 06.12.2019 Mr.Manoharan Office Peon MACP
RWF/ESTT/388 02.12.2019 Mr.Rangappa.K,Elec.Promotion
RWF/ESTT/387 27.11.2019 List Staff Retiring from service 30.11.2019
RWF/ESTT/384 22.11.2019 Elec.Power Group Promotions
RWF/ESTT/382 22.11.2019 Mr.Shiva Kempaiah Termination
RWF/ESTT/381 22.11.2019 C&Ms Met Lab Staff Mala & Mathangi internal transfers
RWF/ESTT/378 22.11.2019 Mr.Rajiv Ranjan & Sunil Shankar Internal transfers
RWF/ESTT/375 16.11.2019 RRC UBL helpers 24 Staff selected list 
RWF/ESTT/367 14.11.2019 Mr.Rinku B.S, Promoted as Tech-I
RWF/ESTT/365 11.11.2019 Mr.Nageswararao.N & Mr.Sekar Raj .S, Promoted as Tech-I
RWF/ESTT/363 11.11.2019 Mr.Yuvaraj Trackmaintner transferred from SBC
RWF/ESTT/362 06.11.2019 Mr.Rangaramaiah.SC,Promoted as Tech-II
RWF/ESTT/346 13.11.2019 Mr.Devraju.A & Mr.Shivkumar.P mutual transfer to SWrly/Mys
RWF/ESTT/344 30.10.2019 KM.Gangadhar,Transfers from SWR
RWF/ESTT/358 09.11.2019 Mr.Ramesh Naik V, Promoted as Sr.Technician
RWF/ESTT/354 04.11.2019 Mr.Shivamalla & Mr.Muniraju.R,Promoted as Tech-I
RWF/ESTT/352 02.11.2019 Mr.Thangavelu promoted as Master Cook
RWF/ESTT/350 30.10.2019 List of Retiring staff from RWF on 31.10.2019
RWF/ESTT/342 22.10.2019 Peons Transfers
RWF/ESTT/333 21.10.2019 P.branch Sr.Clerks  promoted as office Superintendent
RWF/ESTT/331 11.10.2019 Transfers from SWR
RWF/ESTT/330 09.10.2019 Smt.Shanthy.A transferred to Medical Dept.
RWF/ESTT/328 05.10.2019 Mr.Ashok.T  Helper,Termination
RWF/ESTT/326 09.10.2019 Stenographers Mr.S.Bhat & Prabhakar Rao transferred to Genl.Branch
RWF/ESTT/325 01.10.2019 Mr.Cherian & Bhaskar Tech-I Promotions.
RWF/ESTT/322 27.09.2019 Civil SSE,s MACP 2019
RWF/ESTT/319 24.09.2019 Retiring emplyees list Sep.2019
RWF/ESTT/310 19.09.2019 Mr.Murali D.N, Helper Transferred to Axle Unit
RWF/ESTT/308 18.09.2019 Mr.Somu.K, Tech-I,MACP
RWF/ESTT/304 13.09.2019 SWR Staff Inter railway transfers to RWF
RWF/ESTT/298 13.09.2019 SWR Staff Inter railway transfers to RWF
RWF/ESTT/299 09.09.2019 Mr.Paramashivaiah, Promoted as JE/Wheel inspection cell
RWF/ESTT/297 07.09.2019 Mr.Devaprasad, H.K, Promoted as JE.
RWF/ESTT/296 07.09.2019 Mr.Kulkarni.K, Promoted as JE.
RWF/ESTT/294 07.09.2019 Wheel Unit Operators JE Promotions
RWF/ESTT/293 03.09.2019 Mr.Devendra.J, MACP
RWF/ESTT/272 20.08.2019 Mr.Peter.J,AME/HQ transferred to AWW/MMR
RWF/ESTT/164 20.08.2019 Malini.D & Sivaparvathi. R S&T Dept.Helper Promotions
RWF/ESTT/251 05.08.2019 Mr.Manjunath and Chandra.R Wheel shop internal transfer
RWF/ESTT/250 03.08.2019 Mr.Ravi.SB, Services terminated due to his demise 
RWF/ESTT/247 02.08.2019 Staff transferred from SWR transferred to RWF shops
RWF/ESTT/246 02.08.2019 Mr.Chandra Sekar,ICF & R.Suresh.Technicians RWF mutual transfer
RWF/ESTT/232 29.07.2019 SWR Staff Internal Postings
RWF/ESTT/210 17.07.2019 Mr.Chennakrishna.D,Tech.II,Transferred from WC Rly to RWF
RWF/ESTT/224 17.07.2019 Mr.Satishkumar.K, Promoted as Asst.Cook
RWF/ESTT/223 17.07.2019 Mr.Ramanjaneya TJ, Nursing Superintendant transferred from SWR to RWF
RWF/ESTT/214 11.07.2019 Inter Rly.tranfers from SWR .Leela Sulakhe,Ananda,Asha
RWF/ESTT/213 11.07.2019 43 Employees transferred from SWR to RWF
RWF/ESTT/209 06.07.2019 Mr.Shankar.N,WUO transferred to TTC
RWF/ESTT/205 04.07.2019 Mr.Vijaykumar.M, canteen staff MACP
RWF/ESTT/191 03.07.2019 M.lab Staff Mr.Seetharamaiah&Chunman Postings
RWF/ESTT/188 27.06.2019 G.N.Bharati Chief Typist transferred to Accounts
RWF/ESTT/187 27.06.2019 Staff retiring on 30.06.2019
RWF/ESTT/186 25.06.2019 Sri.Chandrasekaraiah Promoted as JE Control
RWF/ESTT/185 25.06.2019 Sri.Laxminarayana Promoted as JE Power
RWF/ESTT/180 21.06.2019 L. Vijay Kumar transferred to TTC
RWF/ESTT/169 12.06.2019 Rajiv Ranjan Tech.Gr-I Promoted as Staff Welfare Inspector
RWF/ESTT/152 10.06.2019 Mr.Manjunath from UBL and Mr.Husen Sab Naiker RWF mutual transfers
RWF/ESTT/163 07.06.2019 GM Office Stenographer Gr.I re designated as Section Officer
RWF/ESTT/162 01.06.2019 Nirmala Promoted as Tech-III
RWF/ESTT/160 01.06.2019 Mr.Ravi VR Promoted as Sr.Tech. in L 6.
RWF/ESTT/157 31.05.2019 Ms.Nancy Kavitha Transferred from WSC to IMS Cell
RWF/ESTT/150 28.05.2019 Civil Dept.Supervisors MACP
RWF/ESTT/148 24.05.2019 26 Retired Employees  in the month of May 2019
RWF/ESTT/145 22.05.2019 Mr.Venkateswara,SSE/Axle Tool Room MACP 2019
RWF/ESTT/142  22.05.2019 Met.Lab C&MS Staff MACP 2019
RWF/ESTT/135  15.05.2019 Mr.Ramesha JT,Transfered from UBLS/SW Rly. Posted as Tech III
RWF/ESTT/129  15.05.2019 Mr.Nitish Kumar Peon of Smt.Rita Sahu, PCEE  Transferred to EC Rly.
RWF/ESTT/116  14.05.2019 Mr.Shubham Sahare Emergency Peon to Sr.EDPM
RWF/ESTT/133  13.05.2019 Mr.Nagaraj GB Promoted as Tech II
RWF/ESTT/132  11.05.2019 Mechanical Dept Staff Empanelled to Tech III
RWF/ESTT/131  11.05.2019 Mr.Chandra Shekara Promoted as Tech III
RWF/ESTT/130  09.05.2019 Mr.Shihabudeen A,Promoted as SEE Axle Assebly
RWF/ESTT/124  06.05.2019 Mahadev Guruling Promoted as Tech III
RWF/ESTT/122  03.05.2019 Mr.Venugopalarao .K Promoted as TechII ,WUO Mech.Dept
RWF/ESTT/123  04.05.2019 Electrical staff SSE Promotions  2019
RWF/ESTT/121  04.05.2019 Madhusudhan & Mahadev Guruling Promotions
RWF/ESTT/103  30.04.2019 K.Nagaiah & B.V.Chalapathi,Tech GrIII MACP
RWF/ESTT/113  29.04.2019 Mr.Ajesh .K Helper Transferred from Palghat to RWF
RWF/ESTT/112  25.04.2019 RWF Retiring Employees April 2019
RWF/ESTT/109  23.04.2019 Mr.Praveen & Bettegowda Elec.Staff EOT Crane Operators
RWF/ESTT/104  22.04.2019 Smt Nimmi Pushparaj ChOS,Nominated as the incharge of Reservation Cell
RWF/ESTT/96  13.04.2019 Helpers & Safaiwalas internal transfers
RWF/ESTT/88  08.04.2019  Mech.Helpers MACP Empannelment
RWF/ESTT/87  01.04.2019 Mechanical Wheel Unit Technicians Promotions
RWF/ESTT/70  03.04.2019 Elec.Dept.Helpers Promotions
RWF/ESTT/80  01.04.2019 Mr.Ahmed Sharief Promoted as Chief Welfare Inspector
RWF/ESTT/64  27.03.2019 Mr.Shiv Kumar BC,Civil Dept.Promoted as SSE
RWF/ESTT/67  25.03.2019 Mr.Shivakumara DV,Pointsman mutual transfer with Mr.Shantha Kumar,Mech.
RWF/ESTT/60  15.03.2019 Smt.Nimmi Pushparaj ChOS Promotion
RWF/ESTT/59  14.03.2019 Office Peons internal transfers
RWF/ESTT/54  08.03.2019  Mr.Raghavendra Rao CVI Extension 2019
RWF/ESTT/43  22.02.2019  Elec Supervisors and Technicians MACP 2019
RWF/ESTT/40  22.02.2019 Mech Axle Technicians  MACP 2019
RWF/ESTT/39 20.02.2019 Stores Staff MACP
RWF/ESTT/38 20.02.2019 Stores Helpers MACP
RWF/ESTT/37 19.02.2019  Mech WU Tech Promotions 2019
RWF/ESTT/33 14.02.2019 Mechanical Wheel Unit Helpers MACP
RWF/ESTT/32 14.02.2019 Mechanical Wheel Unit Supervisors MACP
RWF/ESTT/26 13.02.2019 Mechanical Wheel Unit Technicians Promotions
RWF/ESTT/28 07.02.2019 Mr.David Prasanna Kumar,Nursing Supt. transfer from Hubli
RWF/ESTT/18 22.01.2019 Mech.Technicians MACP -2019
RWF/ESTT/17 22.01.2019 Mech.Supervisors MACP -2019
RWF/ESTT/16 22.01.2019 Mr.Bijumon R,Sr.Tech Promotion
RWF/ESTT/11 17.01.2019 Mr.Chandrabos,SSE/Design look ater the TQM Cell
RWF/ESTT/05 10.01.2019 Stenographers  MACP 2019
RWF/ESTT/03 04.01.2019 Medical Department MACP 2019
RWF/ESTT/02 02.01.2019 Ramesh Kumar T.R, SSE Promotion











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