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Office Orders - Non Gazetted


Office Orders  Dated Description                                                                                                                                                                    
RWF/ESTT/046 12.02.2021 Mlab CMSs Temp Transfers to Axle Shop
RWF/ESTT/045 09.02.2021 SN Ravi Vendor MACP
RWF/ESTT/032 29.01.2021 Medical Department staff MACPS
RWF/ESTT/022 18.01.2021 Kavitha Kumari Promoted Jr.Clerk and posted to Civil Dept.
RWF/ESTT/007 05.01.2021 Helpers Change of Category,Kavitha Kumari Promotion
RWF/ESTT/006 05.01.2021 Mr.Pawan Kumar, Helper resignation
RWF/ESTT/002 02.01.2021 Mr.Shaik Arif Pasha Promotion
RWF/ESTT/347 21.12.2020 Mr.Shivaprakash ChOs0 transfered to General Branch
RWF/ESTT/339 03.12.2020 Request Transfer of Mr.Rajiv Kumar Helper to NW Rly.
RWF/ESTT/273 06.10.2020 Mr.Chandrabos & Mr.Saran Madamana internal transfers
RWF/ESTT/272 06.10.2020 Civil Dept.Tech-II Promotions
RWF/ESTT/266 01.10.2020 Mr.Syed Mohsin SSE Tranferred to PCO
RWF/ESTT/260 28.09.2020 General Seniority Group Sr.Clerk Promotions
RWF/ESTT/250 23.09.2020 Personnel Branch changes in the section Designations of Supervisors
RWF/ESTT/249 23.09.2020 List Staff Retiring from service  30.09.2020
RWF/ESTT/246 21.09.2020 ChOS and OS Temporary Transfer to Medical from various depts
RWF/ESTT/231 10.09.2020 Stores Dept.Staff Promoted as Tech-II
RWF/ESTT/228 08.09.2020 Mr.Raghavendra K, Civil Engg.Promoted as Tech-II
RWF/ESTT/210 24.08.2020 Mr.Krishnamurthy PR,CMS Mlab Transferred to Axle Inspection
RWF/ESTT/209 25.08.2020 Posting of Helpers in Elec & Stores dept.
RWF/ESTT/208 24.08.2020 Posting of Helpers in mechanical dept.
RWF/ESTT/207 20.08.2020 Tech-II Promotions in Mech.SMS
RWF/ESTT/205 19.08.2020 Civil Dept.Tech-I Promotions
RWF/ESTT/203 14.08.2020 Mr.Shaji Chief Law Assistant Transferred from SCR
RWF/ESTT/195 03.08.2020 Mech WU Posted as Tech-III 2020
RWF/ESTT/194 03.08.2020 Mech WUO Sr.Tech Promotions 2020
RWF/ESTT/192 03.08.2020 Stores Dept.Staff MACP 2020
RWF/ESTT/190 30.07.2020 Mr.Kennedy PS GR-II transferred to RH
RWF/ESTT/186 24.07.2020 RRB Trainees Elec.Dept Postings
RWF/ESTT/184 23.07.2020 RT Drivers Promoted to Gr-II
RWF/ESTT/183 23.07.2020 Mr.Ramesh Promoted as RT Driver  L-6
RWF/ESTT/182 23.07.2020 List Staff Retiring from service  31.07.2020
RWF/ESTT/180 21.07.2020 Mr.Rajashekar A, MACP
RWF/ESTT/170 10.07.2020 RRB Trainees Tech III Regularisation 2020
RWF/ESTT/169 03.07.2020 Mech Axle Unit Tech II Promotion
RWF/ESTT/165 01.07.2020 Mech WUOperator Sr.Tech Promotion
RWF/ESTT/163 01.07.2020 Mech Dept Sr.Tech Promotion
RWF/ESTT/162 01.07.2020 Mech Maint Unit Tech III Promotion
RWF/ESTT/161 01.07.2020 Mech Wheel Unit Tech III Promotion
RWF/ESTT/166 30.06.2020 Ms.Jayanthi Promoted as Steno-III
RWF/ESTT/158 30.06.2020 ChOS promotions to Shiv Prakash,Vijlakshmi,Vijaykumar & OS to Vishal
RWF/ESTT/157 30.06.2020 Mr.Narayana Promoted as Master Cook
RWF/ESTT/154 29.06.2020 Mr.Manjunath, Manoj & Sanoj  SSE Promotion
RWF/ESTT/153 29.06.2020 Mr.Manjunath &  Sreedhar SSE Promotion
RWF/ESTT/152 29.06.2020 Mechanical Maint.Tech III Promotions
RWF/ESTT/151 29.06.2020 Mechanical dept. WU Tech III Promotions
RWF/Sett/MS/9407 16.06.2020 Mr.Saifullah Retirement (VR)
RWF/ESTT/150 30.06.2020 Mr.Kennedy.P PS-II transferred to Security
RWF/ESTT/141 26.06.2020 Mechanical dept. Machinist & MMV promotions
RWF/ESTT/120  08.06.2020 Mr.Krishnamurthy & Mr.Manohar Shetty MACP
RWF/ESTT/119 08.06.2020 Mr.Suresh & Bhatt Rajeev MACP
RWF/ESTT/104 29.05.2020 Mr.Kennedy & Ms.Bharathi  Internal Changes
RWF/ESTT/102 28.05.2020 Termination of re engaged Axle Shop 6 Staff
RWF/ESTT/101 28.05.2020 Termination of re engaged Wheel Shop 6 Staff
RWF/ESTT/098 22.05.2020 Mr.Chandrasekar promoted as Tech-II
RWF/ESTT/097 22.05.2020 2 Axle Unit Operators promoted as Tech-I
RWF/ESTT/096 22.05.2020 5  Tech-I promoted as Sr.Tech
RWF/ESTT/095 22.05.2020 3  Wheel Unit Operators promoted as Tech-I
RWF/PBR/MISC-20/251 27.04.2020 List Of Staff Retiring from service April  31.04.2020
RWF/ESTT/88 06.04.2020 Shri.Narayana(050711),Sr.Cook  Transferred  from Staff canteen to Hospital/RWF
RWF/PBR/MISC-20/251 27.03.2020 List Of Staff Retiring from service MARCH 31.03.2020
RWF/ESTT/69 06.03.2020 Shri.Shivabeeraiah.S, WUO Transferred to WFPS
RWF/ESTT/68 06.03.2020 Smt.Saradamma & Sri.Nagesh Kumar Internal Transfers
RWF/ESTT/60 24.02.2020 Mr.Ranjeeth Prasad,Helper  transferred to WFPS
RWF/ESTT/59 22.02.2020 Mr.Bablu Kumar promoted as Cook Gr-II
RWF/ESTT/58 22.02.2020 List Staff Retiring from service Feb 29.02.2020
RWF/ESTT/52 14.02.2020 Mr.Chandrasekaraiah,Elec.dept Promoted as JE
RWF/ESTT/37 29.01.2020 Mr.Lakshmikanth L. Promoted as OS L-6
RWF/ESTT/36 28.01.2020 Mr.Subramanya terminated on his demise
RWF/ESTT/29 24.01.2020 List Staff Retiring from service Jan -31.01.2020
RWF/ESTT/21 14.01.2020 Medical staff Dresser promotions
RWF/ESTT/20 14.01.2020 PCO Staff Internal Transfers
RWF/ESTT/19 10.01.2020 Jessy.PT Promoted as Steno Gr-I
RWF/ESTT/16 07.01.2020 Civil Dept.Track Maintainer Promotions
RWF/ESTT/06 02.01.2020 Mr.Vijayasarathi Promoted as Tech-II
RWF/ESTT/05 02.01.2020 Mr.Maheswarappa Promoted as SSE Civil Dept
RWF/ESTT/04 02.01.2020 Mr.Anand BK, promoted as SSE
RWF/ESTT/01 02.01.2020 Mech.Staff WU Sr.Tech Promotions
RWF/ESTT/419 31.12.2019 Mr.Krishna murthy & Kumar wheel shop promoted as SSE
RWF/ESTT/417 26.12.2019 List of Retiring staff from RWF on 31.12.2019
RWF/ESTT/416 27.12.2019 Mech Staff Tech-I Promotions
RWF/ESTT/411 18.12.2019 Office Peons Internal Changes
RWF/ESTT/410 18.12.2019 Office Peons Postings
RWF/ESTT/407 17.12.2019 WU Operators Promotions
RWF/ESTT/405 18.12.2019 Technicians III Trade Test
RWF/ESTT/403 16.12.2019 WU Technicians & Helpers Trade Test
RWF/ESTT/402 13.12.2019 Mechanical SSE & JE’s MACP
RWF/ESTT/400 12.12.2019 Electrical Dept.Mr.Umesh & Channakeshava Tech.II Promotion
RWF/ESTT/399 12.12.2019 Electrical Dept.Mr.Vinod Kumar Tech.II Promotion
RWF/ESTT/396 11.12.2019 Mr.Raghavendra Rao,WO & Mr.Rajiv Ranjan internal transferers
RWF/ESTT/390 07.12.2019 Technicians & Helpers Trade Test
RWF/ESTT/393 06.12.2019 Mr.Manoharan Office Peon MACP
RWF/ESTT/388 02.12.2019 Mr.Rangappa.K,Elec.Promotion
RWF/ESTT/387 27.11.2019 List Staff Retiring from service 30.11.2019
RWF/ESTT/384 22.11.2019 Elec.Power Group Promotions
RWF/ESTT/382 22.11.2019 Mr.Shiva Kempaiah Termination
RWF/ESTT/381 22.11.2019 C&Ms Met Lab Staff Mala & Mathangi internal transfers
RWF/ESTT/378 22.11.2019 Mr.Rajiv Ranjan & Sunil Shankar Internal transfers
RWF/ESTT/375 16.11.2019 RRC UBL helpers 24 Staff selected list 
RWF/ESTT/367 14.11.2019 Mr.Rinku B.S, Promoted as Tech-I
RWF/ESTT/365 11.11.2019 Mr.Nageswararao.N & Mr.Sekar Raj .S, Promoted as Tech-I
RWF/ESTT/363 11.11.2019 Mr.Yuvaraj Trackmaintner transferred from SBC
RWF/ESTT/362 06.11.2019 Mr.Rangaramaiah.SC,Promoted as Tech-II
RWF/ESTT/346 13.11.2019 Mr.Devraju.A & Mr.Shivkumar.P mutual transfer to SWrly/Mys
RWF/ESTT/344 30.10.2019 KM.Gangadhar,Transfers from SWR
RWF/ESTT/358 09.11.2019 Mr.Ramesh Naik V, Promoted as Sr.Technician
RWF/ESTT/354 04.11.2019 Mr.Shivamalla & Mr.Muniraju.R,Promoted as Tech-I
RWF/ESTT/352 02.11.2019 Mr.Thangavelu promoted as Master Cook
RWF/ESTT/350 30.10.2019 List of Retiring staff from RWF on 31.10.2019
RWF/ESTT/342 22.10.2019 Peons Transfers
RWF/ESTT/333 21.10.2019 P.branch Sr.Clerks  promoted as office Superintendent
RWF/ESTT/331 11.10.2019 Transfers from SWR
RWF/ESTT/330 09.10.2019 Smt.Shanthy.A transferred to Medical Dept.
RWF/ESTT/328 05.10.2019 Mr.Ashok.T  Helper,Termination
RWF/ESTT/326 09.10.2019 Stenographers Mr.S.Bhat & Prabhakar Rao transferred to Genl.Branch
RWF/ESTT/325 01.10.2019 Mr.Cherian & Bhaskar Tech-I Promotions.
RWF/ESTT/322 27.09.2019 Civil SSE,s MACP 2019
RWF/ESTT/319 24.09.2019 Retiring emplyees list Sep.2019
RWF/ESTT/310 19.09.2019 Mr.Murali D.N, Helper Transferred to Axle Unit
RWF/ESTT/308 18.09.2019 Mr.Somu.K, Tech-I,MACP
RWF/ESTT/304 13.09.2019 SWR Staff Inter railway transfers to RWF
RWF/ESTT/298 13.09.2019 SWR Staff Inter railway transfers to RWF
RWF/ESTT/299 09.09.2019 Mr.Paramashivaiah, Promoted as JE/Wheel inspection cell
RWF/ESTT/297 07.09.2019 Mr.Devaprasad, H.K, Promoted as JE.
RWF/ESTT/296 07.09.2019 Mr.Kulkarni.K, Promoted as JE.
RWF/ESTT/294 07.09.2019 Wheel Unit Operators JE Promotions
RWF/ESTT/293 03.09.2019 Mr.Devendra.J, MACP
RWF/ESTT/272 20.08.2019 Mr.Peter.J,AME/HQ transferred to AWW/MMR
RWF/ESTT/164 20.08.2019 Malini.D & Sivaparvathi. R S&T Dept.Helper Promotions
RWF/ESTT/251 05.08.2019 Mr.Manjunath and Chandra.R Wheel shop internal transfer
RWF/ESTT/250 03.08.2019 Mr.Ravi.SB, Services terminated due to his demise 
RWF/ESTT/247 02.08.2019 Staff transferred from SWR transferred to RWF shops
RWF/ESTT/246 02.08.2019 Mr.Chandra Sekar,ICF & R.Suresh.Technicians RWF mutual transfer
RWF/ESTT/232 29.07.2019 SWR Staff Internal Postings
RWF/ESTT/210 17.07.2019 Mr.Chennakrishna.D,Tech.II,Transferred from WC Rly to RWF
RWF/ESTT/224 17.07.2019 Mr.Satishkumar.K, Promoted as Asst.Cook
RWF/ESTT/223 17.07.2019 Mr.Ramanjaneya TJ, Nursing Superintendant transferred from SWR to RWF
RWF/ESTT/214 11.07.2019 Inter Rly.tranfers from SWR .Leela Sulakhe,Ananda,Asha
RWF/ESTT/213 11.07.2019 43 Employees transferred from SWR to RWF
RWF/ESTT/209 06.07.2019 Mr.Shankar.N,WUO transferred to TTC
RWF/ESTT/205 04.07.2019 Mr.Vijaykumar.M, canteen staff MACP
RWF/ESTT/191 03.07.2019 M.lab Staff Mr.Seetharamaiah&Chunman Postings
RWF/ESTT/188 27.06.2019 G.N.Bharati Chief Typist transferred to Accounts
RWF/ESTT/187 27.06.2019 Staff retiring on 30.06.2019
RWF/ESTT/186 25.06.2019 Sri.Chandrasekaraiah Promoted as JE Control
RWF/ESTT/185 25.06.2019 Sri.Laxminarayana Promoted as JE Power
RWF/ESTT/180 21.06.2019 L. Vijay Kumar transferred to TTC
RWF/ESTT/169 12.06.2019 Rajiv Ranjan Tech.Gr-I Promoted as Staff Welfare Inspector
RWF/ESTT/152 10.06.2019 Mr.Manjunath from UBL and Mr.Husen Sab Naiker RWF mutual transfers
RWF/ESTT/163 07.06.2019 GM Office Stenographer Gr.I re designated as Section Officer
RWF/ESTT/162 01.06.2019 Nirmala Promoted as Tech-III
RWF/ESTT/160 01.06.2019 Mr.Ravi VR Promoted as Sr.Tech. in L 6.
RWF/ESTT/157 31.05.2019 Ms.Nancy Kavitha Transferred from WSC to IMS Cell
RWF/ESTT/150 28.05.2019 Civil Dept.Supervisors MACP
RWF/ESTT/148 24.05.2019 26 Retired Employees  in the month of May 2019
RWF/ESTT/145 22.05.2019 Mr.Venkateswara,SSE/Axle Tool Room MACP 2019
RWF/ESTT/142  22.05.2019 Met.Lab C&MS Staff MACP 2019
RWF/ESTT/135  15.05.2019 Mr.Ramesha JT,Transfered from UBLS/SW Rly. Posted as Tech III
RWF/ESTT/129  15.05.2019 Mr.Nitish Kumar Peon of Smt.Rita Sahu, PCEE  Transferred to EC Rly.
RWF/ESTT/116  14.05.2019 Mr.Shubham Sahare Emergency Peon to Sr.EDPM
RWF/ESTT/133  13.05.2019 Mr.Nagaraj GB Promoted as Tech II
RWF/ESTT/132  11.05.2019 Mechanical Dept Staff Empanelled to Tech III
RWF/ESTT/131  11.05.2019 Mr.Chandra Shekara Promoted as Tech III
RWF/ESTT/130  09.05.2019 Mr.Shihabudeen A,Promoted as SEE Axle Assebly
RWF/ESTT/124  06.05.2019 Mahadev Guruling Promoted as Tech III
RWF/ESTT/122  03.05.2019 Mr.Venugopalarao .K Promoted as TechII ,WUO Mech.Dept
RWF/ESTT/123  04.05.2019 Electrical staff SSE Promotions  2019
RWF/ESTT/121  04.05.2019 Madhusudhan & Mahadev Guruling Promotions
RWF/ESTT/103  30.04.2019 K.Nagaiah & B.V.Chalapathi,Tech GrIII MACP
RWF/ESTT/113  29.04.2019 Mr.Ajesh .K Helper Transferred from Palghat to RWF
RWF/ESTT/112  25.04.2019 RWF Retiring Employees April 2019
RWF/ESTT/109  23.04.2019 Mr.Praveen & Bettegowda Elec.Staff EOT Crane Operators
RWF/ESTT/104  22.04.2019 Smt Nimmi Pushparaj ChOS,Nominated as the incharge of Reservation Cell
RWF/ESTT/96  13.04.2019 Helpers & Safaiwalas internal transfers
RWF/ESTT/88  08.04.2019  Mech.Helpers MACP Empannelment
RWF/ESTT/87  01.04.2019 Mechanical Wheel Unit Technicians Promotions
RWF/ESTT/70  03.04.2019 Elec.Dept.Helpers Promotions
RWF/ESTT/80  01.04.2019 Mr.Ahmed Sharief Promoted as Chief Welfare Inspector
RWF/ESTT/64  27.03.2019 Mr.Shiv Kumar BC,Civil Dept.Promoted as SSE
RWF/ESTT/67  25.03.2019 Mr.Shivakumara DV,Pointsman mutual transfer with Mr.Shantha Kumar,Mech.
RWF/ESTT/60  15.03.2019 Smt.Nimmi Pushparaj ChOS Promotion
RWF/ESTT/59  14.03.2019 Office Peons internal transfers
RWF/ESTT/54  08.03.2019  Mr.Raghavendra Rao CVI Extension 2019
RWF/ESTT/43  22.02.2019  Elec Supervisors and Technicians MACP 2019
RWF/ESTT/40  22.02.2019 Mech Axle Technicians  MACP 2019
RWF/ESTT/39 20.02.2019 Stores Staff MACP
RWF/ESTT/38 20.02.2019 Stores Helpers MACP
RWF/ESTT/37 19.02.2019  Mech WU Tech Promotions 2019
RWF/ESTT/33 14.02.2019 Mechanical Wheel Unit Helpers MACP
RWF/ESTT/32 14.02.2019 Mechanical Wheel Unit Supervisors MACP
RWF/ESTT/26 13.02.2019 Mechanical Wheel Unit Technicians Promotions
RWF/ESTT/28 07.02.2019 Mr.David Prasanna Kumar,Nursing Supt. transfer from Hubli
RWF/ESTT/18 22.01.2019 Mech.Technicians MACP -2019
RWF/ESTT/17 22.01.2019 Mech.Supervisors MACP -2019
RWF/ESTT/16 22.01.2019 Mr.Bijumon R,Sr.Tech Promotion
RWF/ESTT/11 17.01.2019 Mr.Chandrabos,SSE/Design look ater the TQM Cell
RWF/ESTT/05 10.01.2019 Stenographers  MACP 2019
RWF/ESTT/03 04.01.2019 Medical Department MACP 2019
RWF/ESTT/02 02.01.2019 Ramesh Kumar T.R, SSE Promotion
RWF/ESTT/271 19.12.2018 Mr. Rajesh Kumar Dhaker transfer from Mysore
RWF/ESTT/264 13.12.2018 Elect Dept.Technicians posted as EOT Crane Operators
RWF/ESTT/261 11.12.2018 Canteen Cooks MACP 2018
RWF/ESTT/259 10.12.2018 Senior Clerk Promotions in Mech.
RWF/ESTT/258 10.12.2018 Ravi Ranjan Pandit from RRB as Technician.
RWF/ESTT/254 29.11.2018 Mr.Manjesh D,Mech.AMS,SSE Promotion
RWF/ESTT/252 28.11.2018 Ms.Sugali Ramyasree Pharmacist from Hubli
RWF/ESTT/249 20.11.2018 Mech. Dept. Staff Technicians(Machinist) MACPS
RWF/ESTT/247 17.11.2018 Mech. Dept. Supervisors Mr.Sukumaran and Somaraju MACPS
RWF/ESTT/241 12.11.2018 D.R.Joshi Promoted as SSE
RWF/ESTT/240 10.11.2018 K.T.Harisha Promoted as SSE
RWF/ESTT/237 10.11.2018 Trainee Technicians Appointed through RRB
RWF/ESTT/231 25.10.2018 Ms.Jayalakshmi L,CG Appointment
RWF/ESTT/219 16.10.2018 K.Muniraj Sr.Clerk Promotion
RWF/ESTT/218 16.10.2018 Vittal Meti,Gowthamy BT and GD Shekara Sr.Clerk Promotions
RWF/ESTT/217 06.10.2018 Civil Dept Staff Promotions
RWF/ESTT/214 01.10.2018 Mr.Madhav Naik, Mech Dept  Promotion
RWF/ESTT/211 01.10.2018 Mr.Ramesh S,Elect Dept SSE Promotion
RWF/ESTT/200 03.10.2018 Mr.Murali.G,Transfered from ICF
RWF/ESTT/208 29.09.2018 Mlab.staff Internal Transfers
RWF/ESTT/204 18.09.2018 Ms.Priyadarshini D.V, CG Appointment as SSE/Elec
RWF/ESTT/197 06.09.2018 Ambika SS, CG Appointment as a Jr.Clerk
RWF/ESTT/191 01.09.2018 M.Nagaraj Elec.Staff Promotion
RWF/ESTT/162 06.09.2018 Nagaraju.K, CG Appointment as Jr.Clerk
RWF/ESTT/187 01.09.2018 Mechanical Department staff promotions
RWF/ESTT/182 29.08.2018 Mr. Ravindra Kumar Transfered to SWR as Goods Guard
RWF/ESTT/180 28.08.2018 Mechanical Staff Mr.Mohanan VC,SSE Promotion
RWF/ESTT/174 21.08.2018 Ms.Vijay Chintamani, Ch.OS Promotion
RWF/ESTT/171 25.08.2018 EOT Crane Operators - Mohan Raju,Mohan,Lohit Kumar
RWF/ESTT/170 13.08.2018 Ms.Manjula BV. Financial Upgradation-MACPS
RWF/ESTT/169 10.08.2018 Stores Dept.SP Bay Wing Staff Tech-III Promotions
RWF/ESTT/165  06.08.2018 Electrical Control Staff Tech-II Promotions
RWF/ESTT/164  07.08.2018 Mr.Mahanthest Promoted as Tech-II/Tele
RWF/ESTT/143 02.08.2018 Metallurgical Staff Reverted to their Parent Department
RWF/ESTT/154 01.08.2018 Elec.Dept.Staff Technician Promotions
RWF/ESTT/148 28.07.2018 Mr. Manisekar Promoted as Sr.Technician,Tele
RWF/ESTT/146 27.07.2018 Civil Dept. Staff Tech.II Promotions
RWF/ESTT/132 10.07.2018 Civil Staff Mr.Suresh K and Krishna Murthy Tech.II  Promotions
RWF/ESTT/123 05.07.2018 Mr. Priestly Roy CG Appointment
RWF/ESTT/130 02.07.2018 Mechanical Axle Unit Operators Promotions
RWF/ESTT/125 30.06.2018 Mr. Bhagat Shrikrushna Dashrath Promotion
RWF/ESTT/111 15.06.2018 Civil Staff Mr.Hanumantha H.Promotion
RWF/ESTT/110 15.06.2018 Mech Staff Dhananjaya & Sendil Kumar Tech II&Tech III Promotion
RWF/ESTT/108 15.06.2018 Elect Staff Maruthi Kumar & Lokesh Kumar Tech II Promotion
RWF/ESTT/105 06.06.2018 Ms. Sapna.S, CG Appointment
RWF/ESTT/103 01.06.2018 Civil Staff Rame Gowda and Babukumar internal transfers
RWF/ESTT/101 31.05.2018 Electrical Staff Mr.Shivkumar,SSE Promotion
RWF/ESTT/099 31.05.2018 Mechanical Staff Mr.Ninge Gowda  SSE,Promotion
RWF/ESTT/098 31.05.2018 Electrical Staff Mr.Kannan,SSE Promotion
RWF/ESTT/070  23.05.2018 Electrical Staff  Tech III Appointment through RRB
RWF/ESTT/087 15.05.2018 Syed Wali MACP
RWF/ESTT/086 09.05.2018 Tranfers of Clerks
RWF/ESTT/082 04.05.2018 Personnel Staff Mr.Ghouse Peer MD & Krishna Promotions
RWF/ESTT/079 10.05.2018 Stores Staff PS Bay Tech III Promotions
RWF/ESTT/078 04.05.2018 Stores Staff Mr. G.P.Chennakrishna Promotion
RWF/ESTT/077 03.05.2018 Mechanical Staff Mr. Umesh Kumar Promotion
 RWF/ESTT/075 28.04.2018 Mechanical Staff Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Promotion
 RWF/ESTT/074 28.04.2018 Electrical Staff Mr.Johan and Vinod Promotions
 RWF/ESTT/073 28.04.2018 Mechanical Staff Promotions
RWF/ESTT/048 21.03.2018 Ms.D.Pooja C.G. Appointment
RWF/ESTT/057 31.03.2018 Mr.Umesh and Appoloraj Promotions
RWF/ESTT/052 19.03.2018 Mr.P.Sasidharan&S.Puneeth Kumar Panel for RT Driver Gr.III


17.03.2018 Met Lab Staff Stipend


07.03.2018 Shri.Krishna C.G. Appointment


01.03.2018 G.Umashankar  Promotion


28.02.2018 S.Dayalan Promotion


14.02.2018 Mr.Tripati Promotion


13.02.2018 Mr.Ramalingappa Promotion


06.02.2018 Mr.Y.V.Chandra sekhar. CG Appointment.


31.01.2018 Mr.Nagaraj Promoted as


31.01.2018 Mr.S. Vishal Promoted as Sr.Clerk


30.01.2018 Mr.Deepu Promoted as SSE


30.01.2018 Mr.Jayaprakasan.ChOS Promotion


16.01.2018 Mr.Syed Pasha .A Promotion


02.01.2018 Mr.Krishnappa Promotion


02.01.2018 Axle Unit Staff Promotions



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