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  Office Orders     Dated    Description                                                                                                                                                                            
RWF/ESTT/51 02.03.2019 Smt.Meghana Sharma and Shri Praveen Katarki Selection Grade
RWF/ESTT/50 01.03.2019 SMM Depot to reported to CWEW 2019
RWF/ESTT/46 28.02.2019 Santharam DyCSC and Debashmita  SC Transfers 2019.
RWF/ESTT/31 14.02.2019 Mr.Vijay Kumar DyCMM Selection Grade
RWF/ESTT/29 12.02.2019 Mr.Abhishek Kumar,Sr.SC Transfered to Lucknow NRly.
RWF/ESTT/23 30.01.2019 Mr.Yogeesha K.R, AWM/MWFPS MACP 2019
RWF/ESTT/21 25.01.2019 Mr.GJ.Sugandachar,N.Raghu Sankasr Goud & T.G.Gopala Krishna Promoted as AWM and APE
RWF/ESTT/15 22.01.2019  Dr.Hanumanthappa HL,Opthomology visting period extension upto 30.1.2020
RWF/ESTT/14 22.01.2019 Dr.Anand BB,General Surgery visting period extension upto 24.1.2020
RWF/ESTT/12 21.01.2019 Mr.Muralidhra,SEE &Nataraju SEE internal transfers
RWF/ESTT/08 11.01.2019 Mr.Suresh,AWM & Peter SJ, AME  Mechanical Dept.Considered for higher scale
RWF/ESTT/07 10.01.2019 Mr.Suresha T & Mr.Gireesh Kumar A Promoted as AEE
RWF/ESTT/04 07.01.2019 Sri.M.Muralidhar & Sri VP Venkatesh,SA/IRSME Officers officiated to JA Grade
RWF/ESTT/01 02.01.2019 Mr.Devarshi Kumar Gaur Sr.Scale Officer DyCCMT Transfer and Promotion
RWF/ESTT/273 26.12.2018 Mr.Jagdish Chandra, AMM stores Considered for higher scale
RWF/ESTT/272 26.12.2018 Mr.Karuppiah Posted as DyCME/M&P is Placed in Selection Grade/IRSME
RWF/ESTT/268 21.12.2018 Shri B.M.Prasad CWE/Axle,granted HAG Non Functional
RWF/ESTT/265 08.12.2018 Sri Sanjeev Kishore,NF-HAG/IRSME.PCME appointed as Occupier RWF 
RWF/ESTT/263 12.12.2018 Mechanical Promotions in Gazetted Cadre
RWF/ESTT/257 10.12.2018 Sri R.K.Sinha,IRSS,PCMM  Granted HAG NF. 
RWF/ESTT/256 05.12.2018 Shri.Jitendra Kalyan, DyCME.taking the additional charges of AED DyCCMT
RWF/ESTT/251 26.11.2018 Sri.Tarun Chauhan,JS/IRSS from SCR Posted as AMM
RWF/ESTT/250 26.11.2018 Sri.Gopal Krishna Thakre,(SG) IRSME & Sri.A.Devasahayam,(SG)IRSME Officers Granted SA Grade 
RWF/ESTT/247 19.11.2018 Dr.NV.Venkatesh,Dr.Amudha.A & Dr.Girish Officiated in SA Grade under DACP.
RWF/ESTT/245 17.11.2018 Shri.Jitendra Kalyan & Mohan Kumar Promoted as DyCME.
RWF/ESTT/242 14.11.2018 Sri Sanjeev Kishore,NF-HAG/IRSME.COFMOW Posted As PCME
RWF/ESTT/235 09.11.2018 Mechanical AWM/AMM Post Re designated as AWM/AS(Axle Shop)
RWF/ESTT/223 09.10.2018 Sri R.K.Sinha,SAG/IRSS Posted As PCMM & Sri.Rajesh.P.Khade,SAG/IRSS Posted as CMM RWF
RWF/ESTT/222 09.10.2018 Sri.D.N.Gupta,PCMM,NG-HAG/IRSS,Cancellation of Transfer
RWF/ESTT/220 10.10.2018 Smt.Rita Sahu Appointed in HAG By utilizing element HAG/IRSEE,CEE/CLW/DKAE
RWF/ESTT/210 29.09.2018  Shri B.M.Prasad CWE/Axle, looking  the duties of PCME
RWF/ESTT/207 29.09.2018 Sri Subba Rao ACMT Transferred from Chennai & Posted as CMT
RWF/ESTT/205 21.09.2018 Sri.Margroob  Hussain,IRSEE has assumed the charge of the GM RWF
RWF/ESTT/195 04.09.2018 Shri D.N.Gupta NF-HAG/IRSS Transferred to RWF & Posted as PCMM,vice Sri.M.K.Kuashik PCMM retired.
RWF/ESTT/194 04.09.2018 Smt.Rita Sahu CEE,look after the duties of PCMM
RWF/ESTT/183 31.08.2018 Shri.K.Krishnaraj,DyCME/Mfg. will look after the duties of AED/Dy.CCMT.
RWF/ESTT/177 27.08.2018 Shri.GK.Thakre,SG/IRSME,Sr.EDPM  will look after the duties of GM.
RWF/ESTT/168 08.08.2018 Mr.Jayabhaskaran.S,Posted to RWF as CMT from HQ.S.Rly
RWF/ESTT/145 23.07.2018 Mechanical Dept. MR.J.L.Desai and H.Lakshmikantha  WM Promotions.
RWF/ESTT/144 23.07.2018 Shri.GK.Thakre,SG/IRSME,Sr.EDPM  will look after the duties of GM.
RWF/ESTT/140 14.07.2018 Sri.A.K.Gupta has assumed the charge of the GM RWF
RWF/ESTT/127 30.06.2018 Mech.Dept.Mr.Nachappa & MR.Mohan Kumar Gazetted Cadre.
RWF/ESTT/120 26.06.2018 Elec.Dept. Gazetted Staff Link Arrangements.
RWF/ESTT/114 19.06.2018 Mr.Paramadas Asst.Security Commissioner Transfer and Mr.Pramod Nair Posted as ASC at RWF
RWF/ESTT/109 14.06.2018 Mr.Karuppiah Posted as DyCME/M&P - Relinguished the Charge of DyCME/WSM
RWF/ESTT/097 30.05.2018 Dr. Hanumanthappa.H.L, Speciality of Opthalmology - Visiting Specialist extension Period
RWF/ESTT/096 30.05.2018 Dr. Anand.BB, General Surgery - Visiting Specialist extension Period
RWF/ESTT/092 28.05.2018 Mr. V.K.Maurya,SAG/IRSE,Posted as CE, Vice Mr..Prabhu.transferred to SWR.
RWF/ESTT/090 24.05.2018

Shri Barnawal.NK Posted as part time Chief Vigilance Officer

RWF/ESTT/091 24.05.2018 Shri B.M.Prasad CWE/A looking  the duties of CEE
RWF/ESTT/053 22.03.2018 Mr.K.Vijay Kumar,JAG/IRSS-Posted as DyCMM-1
RWF/ESTT/055 26.03.2018 Sr.Scale SSA Element Transferred to Legal Cell & Smt.Nagaratna Nagaraj Promoted as Sr.Law Officer on adhoc basis.
RWF/ESTT/029 09.02.2018 Mr.N.K.Barnawal,IRSME,Posted as CME/PLG.& Mr.S.K.Gupta,IRSME transferred to SWR
RWF/ESTT/027 06.02.2018 VS Nagendra/SPO, as Grievences Redressal Officer.
RWF/ESTT/016 24.01.2018 Redesignated AWM Post 
RWF/ESTT/015 23.01.2018 Mechanical AWM Post Changes 
RWF/ESTT/009 10.01.2018 Mr.G.Srinivas, AEE Considering for GP-5400
RWF/ESTT/008 03.01.2018 Mr.H.Narayanan,SG/IRSS-Posted as DyCMM - RWF


Source : Welcome to Rail Wheel Factory Official Website CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 12-03-2019  

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