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      Office Orders

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  Office Orders     Dated    Description                                                                                                                                                                            
RWF/ESTT/164 04/06/2024 The following changes of SAG officers are ordered in the Mech. Dept. with the immediate effect.
RWF/ESTT/163 04/06/2024 Shri. vipin Kumar PCE/RWF is transferred to noth Central RailwaayShri. M.K.Poddar PCME/Wheel possted as addition to his own till such time a fresh incumbent.                         
RWF/ESTT/151 25.05.2024 The Following revised standing-link arrangement are ordered in the Gazetted cadre of Mechanical Department.
RWF/ESTT/551 03.05.2024 Shri. G Sudhakar SSO/Accounts is Promoted to the  post of AFA Gr.B in Level-9 against the UR vacancy.
RWF/ESTT/137 09.05.2024 The Following Chemical & Metallurgical Supervisors of Mechanical department who have been found suitable for grant of financial upgradation.
RWF/ESTT/133 08.05.2024 The following Promotion of AWM's/postings are ordered to take place in the Gazetted cadre of Mechanical department with immediate effect.
RWF/ESTT/131 08.05.2024 Shri. Naveen Kumar Dy.CME/M&P is detailed to look after the duties of the post of Secretary to GM/RWF, in addition to his own Duty.
RWF/ESTT/120 02.05.2024 Ms. Deepa Kotnis, SAG/IRAS/South Western Railway , Presently working as FA&CAO iis looking after the duties of the post of PFA/RWF
RWF/ESTT/119 02.05.2024 Smt. Geetha .M Ch.OS of Mechanical Department who has been empanelled for the Group-B post of APO in Level-8
RWF/ESTT/118 30.04.2024 Shri. Tarun Chauhan  is posted as Dy.CMM/Depot 
RWF/ESTT/114 30.04.2024 The following changes/postings are ordered to take place in the Gazetted cadre of Store/ Depot with immediate effect
RWF/ESTT/111 25.04.2024 Shri. Karuppuswamy P transferred from ECR to RWF in place of Shri. Shambunath Singh
RWF/ESTT/098 17.04.2024 Shri. Naveen Kumar, Dy.CME/M&P is detailed to look after the duties of the vacant post of Dy.CME/Planning(PC:05RWSP007) in addition to his own
RWF/ESTT/095 13.04.2024 Shri Mahesh Kumar,NF-HAG/IRSME, CWE/Axle is transferred to Central Railway. Shri M. Srikanth,SAG/IRSME/ SC Rly, is transferred to RWF and Posted as CWE/Axle vice Shri Mahesh Kumar.
RWF/ESTT/0/88 05.04.2024 The following changes/postings are ordered to take place in the Gazetted cadre of Mechanical department with immediate effect.
RWF/ESTT/085 04.04.2024 Smt.Aparna Garg, HAG/IRAS, PFA/RWF is transferred to IRIFM/Secunderabad  and appointed as Director General/IRIFM vide Railway Board's Letter No.E(O)III-2024/PM/26 dated 28.03.2024. 
RWF/ESTT/084 03.04.2024 Shri.Ramanjaneya Dy.CMM /Depot is placed to selection Grade with effect from 18.03.2024.
RWF/ESTT/071 25.03.2024

Dr. V.V.Ajith Kumar is transferred and posted to RWF on 25.03.2024 and posted as PCMO/RH/RWF 

RWF/ESTT/068 16.03.2024 Shri. Shobanachalam P AWM/WSM of Mechanical Department in Level-8 having been considered suitable to placement in level-10
RWF/ESTT/065 16.03.2024

Dr.C.M.Ravi, PCMO/RWF is transferred to Southern Railway and posted as PCMD vide Railway Board's Letter No.E(O)-2024/TR/78 dated 15.02.2024. The said officer may relinquish the charges on 18.03.2024 (A/N).

RWF/ESTT/059 07.03.2024 Shri. J.V.Ramana Rao, JAG/IRSE/SWR transferred to RWF and having reported on 06.03.2024 is posted as Dy.CE/RWF.
RWF/ESTT/052 02.03.2024 Shri.D.Ashiwani Kumar and Shri. Rao Utsav Dipakbhai were promoted to Senior Scale with effect from that dates mentioned against their names on completion of 4 years of service in Group-A
RWF/ESTT/041 14.02.2024 Shr. V.M.Bodele, PCEE is detailed to look after the duties of the post of PCPO
RWF/ESTT/039 09.02.2024
The following posts of Electrical Department are re-designated as shown against each with immediate effect
RWF/ESTT/033 07.02.2024 Shri. J.Chandrashekhara Rao, SG/CMT/South Central Railway, Dy.CCMT, upon transfer to RWF 
RWF/ESTT/027 30.01.2024 Shri. Devarshi Kumar Gaur Additional Executive Director ( M&C), RWF is transferred to RDSO on promotion to Pay Level-14 and posted as Executive Director. 
RWF/ESTT/024 25.01.2024 The following changes/postings are ordered to take place in the Gazetted cadre of Stores department with immediate effect.
RWF/ESTT/022 17.01.2024 Shri. Shammi Nayyar, Dy.CME/Design is nominated  as Honorary General Secretary/Rail Wheel Factory sports association(RWFSA) vice Shri.D.K.Gaur, AED/M&C
RWF/PF/RA/5073 10.01.2024 Disciplinary proceedings for imposition of major penalty was imitated against Shri. R.Arumugam, ACMT/Axle/RWF 
RWF/ESTT/411 30.11.2023 Shr. Naveen Kumar WM/M&P is promoted and posted as Dy.CME/M&P.
RWF/ESTT/410 30.11.2023 The following changes/postings are ordered to take place in the Gazetted cadre of Mechanical department with immediate effect.
RWF/ESTT/406 29.11.2023 Shri. Alok Kumar Sr.SC/RWF is transferred to South Western Railway and posted as Sr.DSC/UBL/SWR
RWF/ESTT/400 23.11.2023 Shri. Vipin Kumar is nominated to look after the duties of Mukhya Rajbhasha Adhikari, RW/YNK for period of one year .
RWF/ESTT/390 16.11.2023 Shri. Anand Swaroop CWE/A is posted as CME/Planning and Shri. Mahesh Kumar NE-HAG/IRSME on Transfer and having reported to RWF as CWE/Axle  
RWF/ESTT/389 11.11.2023 The following changes/postings are ordered to take place in the Gazetted cadre of Mechanical department with immediate effect.
RWF/ESTT/388 10.11.2023 Shri. M.K.Poddar is transferred to RWF and posted as PCME/RWF  and also detailed to look after the duties of the post of CME/Planning  in addition to his own.
RWF/ESTT/383 04.11.2023
Shri. M.K.Poddar, CME/Planning/RWF is also detailed to look after the duties of the post of PCME/RWF in addition to his own, till further orders.
RWF/ESTT/376 02.11.2023

Smt Deshmukh Kajal Deepak AMM/G is promoted to officiate in Senior Scale on adhoc basis and Posted as SMM/HQ

RWF/ESTT/365 02.11.2023 Shri. S.K.Ghosh, Dy.CME/Plg is look after the duties of the post of Dy.CME/M&P in addition to his own
RWF/ESTT/366 01.11.2023 Shri. R.Rajagopal PCME/RWF has assumed the charge of the post of General Manager, Rail Wheel Factory, Yelahanka, Bangalore with effect from 01.11.2023(F/N).
RWF/ESTT/358 26.10.2023 Shri. Naveen Kumar, JS/IRSME, Northern Railway transferred to RWF in terms of Railway Board on reporting to RWF on 25.10.2023


The Following IRSME/Probationers, of Mechanical department are confirmed in junior Scale of IRSME 
RWF/ESTT/349 18.10.2023 Smt. Deshmukh kajal deepak, Assistant materials Manager/General stores department /RWF/YNK is confirmed in junior scales of IRSS. on completion of her prescribed period of Probation in the training /working 
RWF/ESTT/348 26.10.2023 Shri. K.Mohan Kumar Dy.CME/Mfg is nominated as liaison officer vice Shri.M.Muralidhar dy.CME/M&P for implementation of order
RWF/ESTT/345 09.10.2023 Shri. Kuldeep Singh transferred to RWF and appointed in HA Grade, is posted  as PCMM (PHOD) vice Shri. A.L.Prabhakar
RWF/ESTT/339 03.10.2023 Shri. Shammi Nayar SG/ IRSME, Transferred from BLW to RWF posted as Dy.CME/Design and Shri. Chandra Bhan Dy.CME/Design is now posted as Sr. EDPM
RWF/ESTT/338 30.09.2023 Shri. Chrispin V.L. SSE/ASC who has empaneled for the post of AEE / Group -B in level - 8.
RWF/AT-33/230 26.09.2023 Office Memorandum about Right to Information Act 2005
RWF/ESTT/321 23.09.2023 Shri. M.K. Poddar NF-HAG/ IRSME , CME/Planning is transferred to IRIDM
RWF/ESTT/309 12.09.2023 Shri. Rajeev Kumar Singh is relinquishing the charge of the post of CE/RWF on 20.09.2023(AN). 
RWF/ESTT/300 04.09.2023 Shri Ravi Nair, AWM/WFPS is nominated to lookafter the duties of the post of AME/HQ in addition to his own duties
RWF/ESTT/287 30.08.2023 The following transfer/postings are ordered in the Gazetted cadre of Mech./Gen. Admin. dept. with immediate effect
RWF/ESTT/286 30.08.2023 The following transfer/postings are ordered in the Gazetted cadre of Mechanical department with immediate effect
RWF/ESTT/283 23.08.2023  Shri. Suryaakanth Sharma. XEN is looking after duties of Dy.CE  in addition to his own duties
RWF/ESTT/282 23.08.2023 revised designations of WMs & reporting of AWMs
RWF/ESTT/268 08.08.2023 Shri. K.Krishna, SS/IRSME, Officiating in Junior Administrative Grade on adhoc basis in terms of this office order
RWF/ESTT/264 01.08.2023 Following transfer/postings are ordered in the Gazetted cadre of Mechanical Department with immediate effect.
RWF/ESTT/263 01.08.2023 Shri. Naresh Kumar Barnawal  CWE/ Planning , RWF is transferred to ICF .
RWF/ESTT/250 27.07.2023 Shri. Chandra Bhan Dy.CME/Design is look after the duties of the post of Sr. EDPM in addition to his own duties
RWF/ESTT/249 26.07.2023 The Following Changes in the Gazetted, cadre in the Mechanical Department
RWF/PB/Sett/PKS/9776 24.07.2023 Shri. Pradeep Kumar Sinha Sr. EDPM /RWF Voluntary Retirement  from Railway Service
RWF/ME-10/599 26.07.2023 Dr.Sinduri Part time dental doctor consulting period extended
RWF/ESTT/245 24.07.2023 Shri G.Vemkatesh Dy.CME/Plg is nominated to look  after the duties of the post of Dy.CME/WSM vice Shri..Mohan kumar Dy.CME/WSM on Ex india Leave
RWF/ESTT/236 18.07.2023 The Following Asst.Workshop/Wheel Unit of Mech Department working in SMS are transferred to Mould room
RWF/ESTT/226 15.07.2023 Dr. Amit Garg HAG/IRSE, PCE/RWF is  transferred and in his place Shri Vipin Kumaar HAG/IRSE, CPD/SD posted 
RWF/ESTT/223 13.07.2023 Shri.Alok Kumar,Sr.DSC/KGP/PER is posted in RWF as Sr.SC& Shri.Sambhu Nath Singh,posted in RWF as ASC vice Shri.E.Thaninayangam as ASC/Hubli/SWR
RWF/ESTT/214 04.07.2023 Ms.Archana Joshi,South Eastern Railway has assumed the charge of the post of General Manager in RWF.
RWF/ESTT/202 28.06.2023 Shri.V.M Bodele,NF-HAG/IRSEE,PCEE will continue to look after the duties of Mukhya Rajbhasha Adhikari.
RWF/ESTT/201 27.06.2023 Shri S. Stephen C&MS transferred and posted to Met-lab.
RWF/ESTT/200 27.06.2023 Shri.S.K.Ghosh, SG/IRSME , reported to RWF and posted as Dy.CME/Utility vice Shri Chandra Bhan
RWF/ESTT/182 08.06.2023 Dr. Sowmya. R Honorary Visiting Specialist of Pediatrics further extended for a period of one year
RWF/ESTT/170 01.6.2023 Shri.Amarendra.M,IRSME,PCME from SCrly posted as General Manager RWF 
RWF/ESTT/168 30.5.2023 Mech.Gazetted Mr.Eswaraiah & Mr.Mohan Kumar posts changes
RWF/ESTT/132 08.5.2023 Shri.K.Raman,NF-HAG/IRSME,CWE/A transferred to SWR &Shri.M.K.Poddar,NF-HAG/IRSME,ECR, transferred to RWF,posted as CWE/A.
RWF/ESTT/131 08.5.2023 Shri.Pranav Kumar,NF-HAG/IRPFS,NEFR, Transferred to RWF and posted as PCSC/RWF.
RWF/ESTT/130 08.5.2023 Shri.Amit Garg,HAG/IRSE,CPD/SD,ECOR transferred to RWF&Shri Rajeev Kumar Singh,SAG,IRES posted as CE/RWF.
RWF/ESTT/127 02.5.2023 Mr.Sudhakar.S Sr.SC Transfered to NRly.
RWF/ESTT/126 02.5.2023 Mr. Srinivas.G, assumed the charges of SEE workshop
RWF/ESTT/126 02.5.2023 Mr.Bhat Rajeev Santraj and Mr.Muhammed Sidheek.M promoted as AEE
RWF/ESTT/120 25.04.2023 Shri.K.Vijaya Kumar,SG/IRSS, Posted as Dy.CMM/P & Smt.Febin Thaha Posted as Dy.CMM/G
RWF/ESTT/111 17.04.2023 Shri.Nair Ravi & Mr.Sanjeeva Rao.D have been empanelled for the post of AWM/SMS & AME Planning Group-B in Level-8 Respectively.
RWF/ESTT/110 17.04.2023 Shri.M.K.Shaji,has been empanelled for the post of Law Officer/Group-B in Level-8
RWF/ESTT/104 13.04.2023 Mr.Pradeep Kumar Sinha posted as Sr.EDPM & Rakshita Bagherwal posted as Dy.CME/Desighn
RWF/ESTT/47 08.03.2023 Shri.N.Raghusankar Goud MACP promotion in Level-10
RWF/ESTT/56 08.03.2023 Shri.A.Gireesh Kumar MACP promotion Group-A/JS in Level-10
RWF/ESTT/91 27.03.2023 Mr.Rajagopal.R,HAG/IRSME transfered from EcoR and posted as PCME
RWF/ESTT/73 23.03.2023 Shri.K.Arul Jyothi SAG/IRPFS,PCSC/RWF Transferred to NEF Railway 
RWF/ESTT/77 21.03.2023 Shri.B.V.Baraskar SAG/IRSS Transferred to SWR and Shri.A.Pradeep SAG/IRSS posted in RWF.
RWF/ESTT/045 24.02.2023 Mr.G.K.Jalan PCE transfered to SWR
RWF/ESTT/043 23.02.2023 Mr.T.M.Satheesan Dy.CMM transfered& Mr.Tarun Chauhan Sr.EDPM look after the duties of Dy.CMM
RWF/ESTT/042 22.02.2023 Stores Dept Gazetted Posts changes Ms.Kajal Deshmukh,Karunakarmurthy & Deepa Vinod Kumar posts.s
RWF/ESTT/034 15.02.2023 Mr.Krishna&Mr.Suresh promoted as DyCME.WM,Mr.Eshwaraiah look after the duties of Axle Maint.
RWF/ESTT/038 16.02.2023 Mr.Rajeev Kumar Singh transferred from DDA to RWF posted as PCE
RWF/ESTT/008 10.01.2023 Mr.N.K.Barnawal CME/Plg  continue to lookafter the duties of the post PCME  till new PCME Posted
RWF/ESTT/309 28.12.2022 Upendra Kumar Singh,Now AEE(Gr.'B'), MACPS Upgradation.
RWF/ESTT/306 22.12.2022 Changes in gazetted cadre stores dept. Mr.Puttaswamy as AMM/LP and Deshmuk Kajal Deepak,AMM/G
RWF/ESTT/302 13.12.2022 Shri A.L Prabhakar,HAG/IRSS,PCMM,will look after the duties of the post of General Manager/RWF in addition to his own from 18.12.2022 to 20.12.2022.
RWF/ESTT/302 13.12.2022 Smt.Aparna Garg,HAG/IRAS,PFA,will look after the duties of the post of General Manager/RWF in addition to her own from 14.12.2022 to 17.12.2022.
RWF/ESTT/295 01.12.2022 Mr.N.K.Barnawal CME/Plg  look after the duties of PCME  on retirement of Mr.P.N.JHA
RWF/ESTT/288 23.11.2022 CME/Plg  look after the duties of PCE  in case the post is vacant or on leave
RWF/ESTT/277 08.11.2022 A.K.Agarwal,IRSME has asumed the charge of the  post General Manager RWF
RWF/ESTT/275 07.11.2022 Mr.RK Sinha-HAG/IRSS  RWF & Mr. A.L.Prabhakar,NF-HAG/IRSS Transfers
RWF/ESTT/267 02.11.2022 Changes in Gazetted Cadre Mr.Barnawal,CWE/W & Mr.Govind Pandey CME/P
RWF/ESTT/258 20.10.2022 Dr.C.E.Shivakumar IRSH/SAG, MACP promotion HAG  
RWF/ESTT/235 26.09.2022 Mr.Ashish Varma,NF-HAG/IRSS Transfered from Central Rly. posted as CVO
RWF/ESTT/191 12.09.2022 Mr. Alok Kumar,PCSC,SWRly Looking after the duties of Mr. Arul Jothi.K RWF, PCSC
RWF/ESTT/213 20.08.2022 Mr. Milind K Deouskar,SDGMHAG/IRSS SWRly Looking after the duties of CVO 
RWF/ESTT/212 20.08.2022 Mr.Pradeepkumar Sinha,SS/IRSME from NERlyposted as DyCME/Design CSO post redesignated 
RWF/ESTT/211 19.08.2022 Mr.ChandraBhan,SS/IRSME posted as DyCME/Utility From NERly.
RWF/PB/Sett/GL/9651 10.08.2022 Mr. Loganathan CVO/RWF  Voluntary Retirement 
RWF/ESTT/202 04.08.2022 Mr.Tarun Chauhan, Sr.EDPM, looking after the duties of Secy to GM. Mr.Jitendra proceeding on Leave
RWF/ESTT/198 01.08.2022 Mr. Upendra Kumar Singh,SSE/WSC promoted as AEE and posted to Wheel Shop
RWF/ESTT/189 25.07.2022 Mr.Ambrishkumar Singh SG/IRSME transfered from ECRly&Posted as DyCME/Mfg,Smt.Rakshita on Leave
RWF/ESTT/185 22.07.2022 Mr.Praful Sharma,IRSS transferred from CLW and Posted as AMM/D
RWF/ESTT/180 21.07.2022 Mr.Ravi Kumar,SMM Transferred to ICF
RWF/ESTT/175 19.07.2022 Mr.JALAN.GK,PCE looking after the duties of Mr.V.K.Bodele,PCEE
RWF/ESTT/169 11.07.2022 Mr.Murulidhara SEE,promoted as DyCEE
RWF/ESTT/164 06.07.2022 Mr.TarunChauhan,DyCMM Posted as Sr.EDPM & Mr. GK.Thakre Transferred to SECRly
RWF/ESTT/146 30.06.2022 Mr.VenkateshDy.CVO retired ,Mr.Mayank Pratap Singh Dy.CME/AP,Posted as DyCVO & Mr.Eswaraiah looking duties of DyCME/AP
RWF/ESTT/145 29.06.2022 Mr.Ashwani Kumar.D,taken over the charges of WM/MR
RWF/ESTT/145 29.06.2022 Mr.Raghu Shankar Goud AWM/MR Taken over the charges of AWM/WFPS
RWF/ESTT/141 30.06.2022 Dr.Sowmya services extentended from 27.07.2022 to 26.07.2023 
RWF/ESTT/139 23.06.2022 Mr.Ethiraj.R,SSE Mech.promoted as AWM
RWF/ESTT/136 17.06.2022 Mr.G.K.Thakre Sr.EDPM,IRSME Transferred to SECRly
RWF/ESTT/108 14.05.2022 Consequent of Voluntary retirement of Mr.A.K. Dubey,  Mr.Prem Narayan Jha,IRSME posted as GM RWF
RWF/ESTT/91 18.04.2022 Ms.Deshmukh Kajal reported to RWF & posted as AMM/LP
RWF/ESTT/90 18.04.2022 Mr.Karunakar Murthy AMM/GSD MACP
RWF/ESTT/88 11.04.2022 IRSME Officers Mr.Mohit Kumar & Mr.Aniket Sharma posted in RWF AWM AS,MMR
RWF/ESTT/81 05.04.2022 Venkatesh .G, DyCME Plg, looking after the duties of DyCME Mfg 
RWF/ESTT/65 11.03.2022 GK.Thakre, Sr.EDPM, NF-SAG,IRSME looking after the duties of Secy to GM
RWF/ESTT/62 10.03.2022 Dr. C.M. Ravi PCMO, Transferred from SWR/UBL posted as PCMO RWF
RWF/ESTT/58 05.03.2022 Mr.Karunakar Murthy AMM looking after AMM/ LP duties
RWF/ESTT/57 07.03.2022 Dr.Madwesh PCMO transferred to SWR
RWF/ESTT/62 26.02.2022 Mr. R.K Sinha,PCMM looking after the duties of PCEE
RWF/ESTT/42 16.02.2022 SSA vacant post transfered to Accts Dept
RWF/ESTT/423 24.12.2021  Dr.Shivali  Contract Medical Practitioner Extension
RWF/ESTT/408 06.12.2021  Dr.Deepika Contract Medical Practitioner
RWF/ESTT/407 06.12.2021 Mr.Jitender Kalyan Sec. to GM,on leave Mr.G.K.Thakre,Sr.EDPM look after the duties 
RWF/ESTT/406 03.12.2021 Gazetted posts changes in Stores & Accounts Mr.Tarun,Febin Thaha,DyCMM SW
RWF/ESTT/404 01.12.2021 Smt.Rakshita Bhagherwal Dy.CME/MMS,look after the duties of Dy.CME Mfg.
RWF/ESTT/395 23.11.2021 Mr. Ravikumar SMM/depo, looking after the duties of SMM/HQ
RWF/ESTT/394 22.11.2021 Karunakara murthy taking over the chages of AMM/GSD
RWF/ESTT/393 29.11.2021 Mr. Rajesh Kumar Meena,SMM on deputation to Gem
RWF/ESTT/359 21.10.2021 Mr.Arvind Srivastava CVO transferred to SER & Mr.Loknathan CVO/ICF transferred to RWF
RWF/ESTT/339 30.09.2021 Dr.Shivali Contract Medical Practitioner Extension Period
RWF/ESTT/331 24.09.2021 Mr.Haral Jitendra Kumar Secy to GM On Leave
RWF/ESTT/329 23.09.2021 Stores Dept AMM looking after the additional duties
RWF/ESTT/314 02.09.2021 Mr.V.P. Venkatesh SG/IRSME Post of Dy.CVO Extended upto 30.06.2022
RWF/ESTT/303 26.08.2021 Mr. Arul Jothi K, DIG,Granted SA Grade.
RWF/ESTT/268 30.07.2021 Mr.Lakshmikantha WM/Inspection re-designated as SME
RWF/ESTT/240 09.07.2021 Mr.Pooran Singh Dangwal Posted as CMT/Wheel 
RWF/ESTT/236 05.07.2021 Dr.Chithra R,IRHS posted to RWF and Dr.Chandrakumar  S.V.O,ACMS transferred to SWR
RWF/ESTT/220 28.06.2021 Mr.Ajay Singh,NF-SAG/IRSME transfered to IRILMM, Mr.Govind Pandey SAG/IRSME from RITES to RWF
RWF/ESTT/216 22.06.2021 Mr.Ajay Singh,NF-SAG/IRSME transfered to SWR & Mr.Govind Pandey SAG/IRSME from RITES to RWF
RWF/ESTT/207 17.06.2021 Mr.R.P.Khade NF-HAG/IRSS,CMM/P nomination of MRA Extended to another 1 year
RWF/ESTT/194 07.06.2021 Mr.Ajay Singh,SAG/IRSME  granted HA Grade on Non Functional
RWF/ESTT/173 26.05.2021 Dr.Ankita Das, CMP Doctor Acceptance
RWF/ESTT/163 20.05.2021 Mr.Haral Jitendra Kalyan, Secty. to GM on leave
RWF/ESTT/159 15.05.2021 Contract Medical Practitioners  (CMP) doctors acceptance
RWF/ESTT/148 10.05.2021 Mr. Bodele VKM posted as PCEE 
RWF/ESTT/146 16.05.2021 Mr.RK.Sinha PCMM on leave
RWF/ESTT/142 28.04.2021 Mr.Rajkumar AEE grant of Level 10
RWF/ESTT/136 26.04.2021 Mr.R.P.Khade NF-HAG/IRSS,CMM/P nominated as Mukya Rajbhasha Adhikari in place of Mr.GK.Jalan
RWF/ESTT/133 21.04.2021 Mr.Jha,IRSME,Director/IRIDM/SWR Transferred to RWF & Posted as PCME
RWF/ESTT/112 03.04.2021 Shri.Tarun Chauhan,SS/IRSS posted as DyCMM/P
RWF/ESTT/110 01.04.2021 Mr.RK.Sinha Look after the duties of PCEE
RWF/ESTT/109 01.04.2021 Dr.Chandra Kumar pin pointed SAG post
RWF/ESTT/106 29.03.2021 Mr.Vijay Kumar.K, SG/IRSS, reporting duty after training &Mr.Tarun Chouhan , proceeding to training 
RWF/ESTT/089 19.03.2021 Smt.Rakshita B.Promoted as Dy.CME/MMS after restoration of Dy.CME/D post.
RWF/ESTT/086 18.03.2021 Mr.Barnawal NK,NF-HAG CWE/Wheel lookafter the duties of PCME for a period of One Month
RWF/ESTT/085 18.03.2021 Shri.Tarun Chauhan,SS/IRSS promoted to officiate  as JA Grade  adhoc & posted Dy.CMM/G
RWF/ESTT/083 18.03.2021 Dr.Chandra Kumar Granted HAG NF
RWF/ESTT/082 18.03.2021 Shri.Sanjeev Kishore PCME transferred to Rly.Board & appointed as Additional Member Production Units
RWF/ESTT/073 12.03.2021 Mr.Devarshi Kumar Gaur Dy.CCMT promoted as Addl.Executive Director M&C
RWF/ESTT/072 12.03.2021 Mr.NK Barnawal & Mr.Krishnan Raman Grant of HAG Non Functional
RWF/ESTT/070 10.03.2021 Gazetted Posting/Changes in Electrical Department
RWF/ESTT/069 26.02.2021 Mr.DK.Gaur,DyCCMT nominated as Sports Secretary RWF
RWF/ESTT/060 26.02.2021 Mr.Ajay Singh, CWE/W & Mr.Barnawala,CME/P Internal changes posts.
RWF/ESTT/055 23.02.2021 Sri.Harikrishnan PCPO and Mrs.Suvarna D.D PCPO transfers -SWR
RWF/ESTT/069 23.02.2021 Mr.Ganeshmurthy APO Upgraded to Level 10.
RWF/ESTT/030 27.01.2021 Mr.Arul Jothi Transferred from Srly. and Posted as PCSC
RWF/ESTT/008 06.01.2021 Contract Doctors extension period upto.30.06.2021
RWF/ESTT/004 04.01.2021 Jr.Scale post of AEN temp transferred to Medical
RWF/ESTT/003 04.01.2021 Dr.K.V.Girish Transferred to NAIR
RWF/ESTT/359 29.12.2020 IRPFS Officers,Mr.Khatarkar & Mr.Santharam to Open Rly.& Mr.Aruljothi,Mr.Sudhakar to RWF transfers
RWF/ESTT/356 26.12.2020 HAG/IRAS Post of FA&CAO from NF Transferred to RWF
RWF/ESTT/345 17.12.2020 IRPFS Officers Mr.VK.Khatarkar & Mr. PVS Santha Ram granted Level-13
RWF/ESTT/336 02.12.2020 Mr.Sooriyanarayana posted as DyCE, Mr.Praveen Kumar transferred on deputation. 
RWF/ESTT/323 23.11.2020 Dr.Shivali Covid Care Center Contract Period Extended
RWF/ESTT/305 03.11.2020 Dr.Neha Garg,DMO & Dr.Sandhya Korabathina,DMO, DACP as Sr.DMO
RWF/ESTT/287 17.10.2020 Smt.Aparna Garg,SAG/IRAS,DRM/MYS Transferred to RWF & Posted as PFA 
RWF/ESTT/270 03.10.2020 JS/IRSME post restored back to Mech. & Civil JS/IRSE temp transferred to Civil
RWF/ESTT/269 03.10.2020 Mr.Baraskar posted as CMM/G, Mr.Anbalagan transferred to Srly. 
RWF/ESTT/268 03.10.2020 Mr.M.S.Anbalagan,CMM/G, SAG/IRSS, Transferred to Srly.
RWF/ESTT/267 03.10.2020 H.Narayanan DyCMM-II,Tranferred to CRly & Febin Thaha posted as DyCMM-II
RWF/ESTT/265 30.09.2020 Mr.Sugandhachar Re engagement period extension
RWF/ESTT/253 24.09.2020 Dr.Sowmya R, Paediatrics Consulting Period extension 
RWF/ESTT/252 24.09.2020 Ms.PV.Leela,PFA SWR, look after the duties of PFA
RWF/ESTT/251 24.09.2020 Ms.Usha Venugopal,PFA Transferred to SRly & MS.PV.LEELA from SWR Dual charges from 25.09.2020
RWF/ESTT/245 19.09.2020 Mr.Sateeshan DyCMM/Depot Reported to RWF, Ms.Febin is on CCL
RWF/ESTT/242 18.09.2020 Sri Ashwani Kumar D, AWM  Confirmation
RWF/ESTT/240 16.09.2020 Mr.S.K.Sharma Designated as XEN/Plant
RWF/ESTT/239 16.09.2020 Sri Rao Utsav Dipakbhai AWM SMS Transferred from E.Rly
RWF/ESTT/236 15.09.2020 Dy.CME Design Downgraded & Operated as WM/Design to Ms.Rakshita Bagherwal
RWF/ESTT/234 11.09.2020 Mr.Subbrao CMT Re engagement termination
RWF/ESTT/225 05.09.2020 Mr.Kannan Transferred to Dycme ICF & Mr.Venkaesh G  DyCme from IRIMEE to RWF
RWF/ESTT/224 04.09.2020 Mr.Rajkumar AEE MACP
RWF/ESTT/214 26.08.2020 Dr.Vidya Vasanth Ayurvedic Doctor one year extension
RWF/ESTT/199 05.08.2020 DyCME Axle Systems Down graded to WM/AS
RWF/ESTT/198 05.08.2020 Mr.Jebin.A,promoted as AEN
RWF/ESTT/181 21.07.2020 Link duties of Gazetted Staff
RWF/ESTT/178 18.07.2020 Dr.Malathi .G, Transferred from SWR & posted as ADMO
RWF/ESTT/171 10.07.2020 Corrigendum to Mr.Subba Rao,Rtd. CMT, Re Engagement Period
RWF/ESTT/171 06.07.2020 Mr.Subba Rao,Rtd. CMT, Re Engagement
RWF/ESTT/167 02.07.2020 Dr.Malathi G, Transferred from SWR & posted against Dr.Garg who is on CCL
RWF/ME-10/599 02.07.2020 Dr.Sinduri Part time dental doctor consulting period extended
RWF/ESTT/159 30.06.2020 Mr.Ajit Kumar Tripathi posted as DyCME/QS
RWF/ESTT/135 24.06.2020 Mr.Venkatesh VP,DyCVO Extension
RWF/ESTT/127 19.06.2020 Mr.Jalan GK,PCE look after the duties of Mukhya Rajbasha Adhikari
RWF/ESTT/121 09.06.2020  Shri Praveen Kataraki SG/IRSA DyFA Transferred to Rly Board
RWF/ESTT/118 08.06.2020  Mr.Madhusudhana SPO, Nominated as Liasion Officer
RWF/ESTT/103 29.05.2020 Mr.Muralidhar M, Assumed the charges of DyCME M&P, Relinguished the charges of DyCMEASM
RWF/ESTT/99 27.05.2020 Mr.Bhalchandra. V.Baraskar CMM Transferred from SECR
RWF/ESTT/75 18.03.2020 Pbranch Gazetted Cadre APO-I Ganesh & Kiran APO-II Internal Changes
RWF/ESTT/73 16.03.2020 Mechanical Gazetted Cadre AWM Internal Changes
RWF/ESTT/66 05.03.2020 Sri.R.K.Sinha is appointed in HA Grade & posted as PCMM(In HAG) in RWF
RWF/ESTT/62 26.02.2020 PCMM looking after the duties of PCEE
RWF/ESTT/57 19.02.2020 Smt.Sunanda Arul,PFA,transfered to NEF.Rly  on return from Leave.
RWF/ESTT/56 18.02.2020 Smt.Jhanja Tripathy,PFA,transfered to N.Rly &  Smt.Usha Venugopal transferred from ICF and posted as PFA RWF
RWF/ESTT/43 08.02.2020 Mr.Maurya V.K PCE,transfered to NE.Rly & Mr.Jalan G.K,ADRM/SBC transferred to RWF posted as PCE
RWF/ESTT/42 04.02.2020 Mr.Promoad Nair ASC transferred to W.Rly.&Mr.Thaninayagam.E,ASC, transferred from SW.Rly to RWF
RWF/ESTT/40 31.01.2020 Krishnaraj DyCME Transferred to SWR & Mayank PS Posted as Dycme/A& A from Dycme AMP
RWF/ESTT/33 27.01.2020 Changes in SMM Gazetted cadre in MMD.
RWF/ESTT/31 25.01.2020 Internal Transfers in AWM Gazetted cadre in Mechanical
RWF/ESTT/27 23.01.2020 Changes in SEE,AEEGazetted cadre in Elec Dept.
RWF/ESTT/23 16.01.2020

Three Dy.CME’s Mr.Pazhanisamy,M.Muralidhar & V.P.Venkatesh Selection grade/IRSME

RWF/ESTT/414 20.12.2019 Sri.Arvind Srivastava Transferred from Rly.Board & posted as Chief Vigilance Officer
RWF/ESTT/413 19.12.2019 The post of Deputy Secretary to GM(Temp) is redesignated as Deputy Secretary to General Manager
RWF/ESTT/401 13.12.2019 Postings(re organizing ) of stores gazetted officers
RWF/ESTT/398 12.12.2019 DyCME/Training down graded post restored & Re designated, Mr.Mayank Pratap Singh promoted as DyCME/AMP
RWF/ESTT/397 07.12.2019 Mr.Kiran.KS,APO,grant of higher pay
RWF/ESTT/394 07.12.2019 Mr.Palakshppa BT, WM,grant of higher pay
RWF/ESTT/391 03.12.2019 Mr.Lakshmikanth.H,WM grant of higher pay
RWF/ESTT/386 25.11.2019 Dr.SG.Madwesh,SAG/IRMs,PCMO Granted HAG NF
RWF/ESTT/374 16.11.2019 Mr.Mayank Pratap Singh,SS/IRSME Posted as WM/A&A(Dy.CME/ down graded)
RWF/ESTT/373 15.11.2019 XEN Post transferred (temp) to General Dept.& AMM, Mr.Tarun C, operated as Dy.Secretary to GM in Sr.Scale
RWF/ESTT/366 12.11.2019 Mr.Haral Jitendra Kalyan Posted as GM & Mr.Pazhanichamy transferred & Posted as Dy.CME/MFG
RWF/ESTT/362 11.11.2019 Mrs.Rakshita Bagherwal,SS/IRSME, NW Rly. Transferred to RWF and posted as SME Desighn
RWF/ESTT/361 05.11.2019 ADGM Post redesignated as PS Gr-I 
RWF/ESTT/357 05.11.2019 Mr.Mohanraju SEE, Transferred to SWR Hubballi
RWF/ESTT/320 25.09.2019 Mr.Krishna.K,WM/ASM & Mr.Ashwani Kumar.D,AWM/ASM Designation Changes
RWF/ESTT/316 21.09.2019 Smt.Febin Thaha,SS/ICF transferred to RWF & Posted at DyCMM/D.
RWF/ESTT/312 20.09.2019 Sri.Rajiv Kumar Vyas,IRSS Adviser(RS)Rly.Board Assumed the charge of GM
RWF/ESTT/313 19.09.2019 Mr.Vijay Kumar Khatarkar, transferred from NRly & Posted as DIG/RPF,RWF
RWF/ESTT/288 28.08.2019 Mr.Raghushankar Goud posted as AME Planning and also as AME/HQ
RWF/ESTT/272 20.08.2019 Mr.Peter.J,AME/HQ transferred to AWM/MMR
RWF/ESTT/268 17.08.2019 Smt.Sunanda Arul,SAG/IRAS Transferred to SWR & Smt.Jhanja Tripathy,SAG/IRAS posted as PFA in HAG
RWF/ESTT/267 17.08.2019 Mr.Chatarjee, SS/IRSME Posted as DyCME/Axle Systems
RWF/ESTT/253 06.08.2019 Mr.VS.Nagendra,SPO Transferred to SWR on promotion
RWF/ESTT/250 05.08.2019 Mr.Kiran KS. APO has been considered for higher pay band
RWF/ESTT/242 26.07.2019 Mr.Sarkar Posted as DyCME/Training
RWF/ESTT/242 26.07.2019 Mr.Shakeel Rahiman SS/IRSME Posted as DyCME/TQM
RWF/ESTT/234 23.07.2019 Mr.T.G.Gopala Krishna AWM Grant of MACP
RWF/ESTT/226 18.07.2019 Mr.Mohan Kumar.K IRSME, nominated  as Factory Manager
RWF/ESTT/225 18.07.2019 Mr.Mohan Kumar.K IRSME, appointed to officiate in JA Grade with effect 13.06.2019
RWF/ESTT/208 05.07.2019 Sri.N.S.Salil Sr.LO look after the duties of RWF Law officer post
RWF/ESTT/207 05.07.2019 Sri.GK.Thakre look after the duties of as a standing link arrangement
RWF/ESTT/193 01.07.2019 PCME  Look after the duties of PCEE in case of PCEE on leave
RWF/ESTT/190 29.06.2019 Mr.Akhilesh Chandra DIG, transferred to SWR/HQ
RWF/ESTT/184 25.06.2019 Mr.TDR.Sivasubramanian officiating as SAG
RWF/ESTT/171 13.06.2019 AEN post transferred to MMD and operated as AMM to Mr.Rajesh Kumar Meena,IRSS
RWF/ESTT/147 23.05.2019 Changes are ordered Mr.Kiran Posted As APO & Mr.Venkatesha,PS/CPO posted as ADGM
RWF/ESTT/146 23.05.2019 CMT/Mlab Dept.Temporarily Transferred To Elect.Dept.& Promoted Mr.Dinakran as SEE
RWF/ESTT/144 22.05.2019 Mr.Pazhanichamy S.JAG/IRSME,Dy.CME/WSM Posted as Secretary to GM.During the interregnum Mr.G.K.Thakre,Sr.EDPM will look after the duties of GM. 
RWF/ESTT/143 22.05.2019 Sri A.Devasahayam,NF-SAG/IRSME transferred to SWR and Posted as ADRM/Mysore
RWF/ESTT/141 21.05.2019 Mr.M.S.Anbalagan,NF-SAG/IRSS/ICF Transferred to RWF posted in the SA Grade
RWF/ESTT/140 21.05.2019 Mr.Pazhanichamy,JAG,DyCME/WSM Nominated as Factory Manager RWF
RWF/ESTT/136 15.05.2019 Sri Pazhanichamy JAG/IRSME  Posted as Dy.CME/WSM
RWF/ESTT/118 03.05.2019 Sri.Sanjeev Kishore PCME look after the addnl.duties of PCEE
RWF/ESTT/117 02.05.2019 Sri.Sanjeev Kishore PCME cease to hold  the addnl.duties of PCEE
RWF/ESTT/114 25.04.2019 Sri Ashwani Kumar.D,IRSME,Transferred from SWR To RWF & Posted as AWM/ASM
RWF/ESTT/112 25.04.2019 Shri RK.Sinha NFHAG/IRSS,PCMM Nominated as Mukhya Rajbasha Adhikari RWF
RWF/ESTT/111 25.04.2019 Asst.Production Engineer re designated as
RWF/ESTT/108 23.04.2019 Mr.K.W.Nachappa,DyCPM Nominated as General Secretary to RWFSA
RWF/ESTT/107 23.04.2019 Mr.T.Suresha,AEE Posted as AEE/WSC
RWF/ESTT/106 22.04.2019 Mr.Krishnan Raman SAG/IRSME/IRMEE transferred to RWF posted at CWE/Axle & B.M.Prasad transferred to Jamalpur
RWF/ESTT/85 02.04.2019 Sri.Sanjeev Kishore, PCME look  after the duties of PCEE
RWF/ESTT/82 01.04.2019 Sri.AK Singh,IRSME,General Manager RWF
RWF/ESTT/79 28.03.2019 Sri Pazhanichamy JAG/IRSME Transferred to RWF from Bela & Posted as Dy.CME/M&P
RWF/ESTT/66 22.03.2019 Sri Govindraj Diwanji,Group.B Officer & Sri Mridul Sarkar,IRSME Transferred to RWF
RWF/ESTT/65 20.03.2019 Sri Sanjeev Kishore PCME is nominated as Chairman RWF Heritage Committee
RWF/ESTT/51 02.03.2019 Smt.Meghana Sharma and Shri Praveen Katarki Selection Grade
RWF/ESTT/50 01.03.2019 SMM Depot to reported to CWEW 2019
RWF/ESTT/46 28.02.2019 Santharam DyCSC and Debashmita  SC Transfers 2019.
RWF/ESTT/31 14.02.2019 Mr.Vijay Kumar DyCMM Selection Grade
RWF/ESTT/29 12.02.2019 Mr.Abhishek Kumar,Sr.SC Transfered to Lucknow NRly.
RWF/ESTT/23 30.01.2019 Mr.Yogeesha K.R, AWM/MWFPS MACP 2019
RWF/ESTT/21 25.01.2019 Mr.GJ.Sugandachar,N.Raghu Sankasr Goud & T.G.Gopala Krishna Promoted as AWM and APE
RWF/ESTT/15 22.01.2019  Dr.Hanumanthappa HL,Opthomology visting period extension upto 30.1.2020
RWF/ESTT/14 22.01.2019 Dr.Anand BB,General Surgery visting period extension upto 24.1.2020
RWF/ESTT/12 21.01.2019 Mr.Muralidhra,SEE &Nataraju SEE internal transfers
RWF/ESTT/08 11.01.2019 Mr.Suresh,AWM & Peter SJ, AME  Mechanical Dept.Considered for higher scale
RWF/ESTT/07 10.01.2019 Mr.Suresha T & Mr.Gireesh Kumar A Promoted as AEE
RWF/ESTT/04 07.01.2019 Sri.M.Muralidhar & Sri VP Venkatesh,SA/IRSME Officers officiated to JA Grade
RWF/ESTT/01 02.01.2019 Mr.Devarshi Kumar Gaur Sr.Scale Officer DyCCMT Transfer and Promotion
RWF/ESTT/273 26.12.2018 Mr.Jagdish Chandra, AMM stores Considered for higher scale
RWF/ESTT/272 26.12.2018 Mr.Karuppiah Posted as DyCME/M&P is Placed in Selection Grade/IRSME
RWF/ESTT/268 21.12.2018 Shri B.M.Prasad CWE/Axle,granted HAG Non Functional
RWF/ESTT/265 08.12.2018 Sri Sanjeev Kishore,NF-HAG/IRSME.PCME appointed as Occupier RWF 
RWF/ESTT/263 12.12.2018 Mechanical Promotions in Gazetted Cadre
RWF/ESTT/257 10.12.2018 Sri R.K.Sinha,IRSS,PCMM  Granted HAG NF. 
RWF/ESTT/256 05.12.2018 Shri.Jitendra Kalyan, DyCME.taking the additional charges of AED DyCCMT
RWF/ESTT/251 26.11.2018 Sri.Tarun Chauhan,JS/IRSS from SCR Posted as AMM
RWF/ESTT/250 26.11.2018 Sri.Gopal Krishna Thakre,(SG) IRSME & Sri.A.Devasahayam,(SG)IRSME Officers Granted SA Grade 
RWF/ESTT/247 19.11.2018 Dr.NV.Venkatesh,Dr.Amudha.A & Dr.Girish Officiated in SA Grade under DACP.
RWF/ESTT/245 17.11.2018 Shri.Jitendra Kalyan & Mohan Kumar Promoted as DyCME.
RWF/ESTT/242 14.11.2018 Sri Sanjeev Kishore,NF-HAG/IRSME.COFMOW Posted As PCME
RWF/ESTT/235 09.11.2018 Mechanical AWM/AMM Post Re designated as AWM/AS(Axle Shop)
RWF/ESTT/223 09.10.2018 Sri R.K.Sinha,SAG/IRSS Posted As PCMM & Sri.Rajesh.P.Khade,SAG/IRSS Posted as CMM RWF
RWF/ESTT/222 09.10.2018 Sri.D.N.Gupta,PCMM,NG-HAG/IRSS,Cancellation of Transfer
RWF/ESTT/220 10.10.2018 Smt.Rita Sahu Appointed in HAG By utilizing element HAG/IRSEE,CEE/CLW/DKAE
RWF/ESTT/210 29.09.2018 Shri B.M.Prasad CWE/Axle, looking  the duties of PCME
RWF/ESTT/207 29.09.2018 Sri Subba Rao ACMT Transferred from Chennai & Posted as CMT
RWF/ESTT/205 21.09.2018 Sri.Margroob  Hussain,IRSEE has assumed the charge of the GM RWF
RWF/ESTT/195 04.09.2018 Shri D.N.Gupta NF-HAG/IRSS Transferred to RWF & Posted as PCMM,vice Sri.M.K.Kuashik PCMM retired.
RWF/ESTT/194 04.09.2018 Smt.Rita Sahu CEE,look after the duties of PCMM
RWF/ESTT/183 31.08.2018 Shri.K.Krishnaraj,DyCME/Mfg. will look after the duties of AED/Dy.CCMT.
RWF/ESTT/177 27.08.2018 Shri.GK.Thakre,SG/IRSME,Sr.EDPM  will look after the duties of GM.
RWF/ESTT/168 08.08.2018 Mr.Jayabhaskaran.S,Posted to RWF as CMT from HQ.S.Rly
RWF/ESTT/145 23.07.2018 Mechanical Dept. MR.J.L.Desai and H.Lakshmikantha  WM Promotions.
RWF/ESTT/144 23.07.2018 Shri.GK.Thakre,SG/IRSME,Sr.EDPM  will look after the duties of GM.
RWF/ESTT/140 14.07.2018 Sri.A.K.Gupta has assumed the charge of the GM RWF
RWF/ESTT/127 30.06.2018 Mech.Dept.Mr.Nachappa & MR.Mohan Kumar Gazetted Cadre.
RWF/ESTT/120 26.06.2018 Elec.Dept. Gazetted Staff Link Arrangements.
RWF/ESTT/114 19.06.2018 Mr.Paramadas Asst.Security Commissioner Transfer and Mr.Pramod Nair Posted as ASC at RWF
RWF/ESTT/109 14.06.2018 Mr.Karuppiah Posted as DyCME/M&P - Relinguished the Charge of DyCME/WSM
RWF/ESTT/097 30.05.2018 Dr. Hanumanthappa.H.L, Speciality of Opthalmology - Visiting Specialist extension Period
RWF/ESTT/096 30.05.2018 Dr. Anand.BB, General Surgery - Visiting Specialist extension Period
RWF/ESTT/092 28.05.2018 Mr. V.K.Maurya,SAG/IRSE,Posted as CE, Vice Mr..Prabhu.transferred to SWR.
RWF/ESTT/090 24.05.2018

Shri Barnawal.NK Posted as part time Chief Vigilance Officer

RWF/ESTT/091 24.05.2018 Shri B.M.Prasad CWE/A looking  the duties of CEE
RWF/ESTT/053 22.03.2018 Mr.K.Vijay Kumar,JAG/IRSS-Posted as DyCMM-1
RWF/ESTT/055 26.03.2018 Sr.Scale SSA Element Transferred to Legal Cell & Smt.Nagaratna Nagaraj Promoted as Sr.Law Officer on adhoc basis.
RWF/ESTT/029 09.02.2018 Mr.N.K.Barnawal,IRSME,Posted as CME/PLG.& Mr.S.K.Gupta,IRSME transferred to SWR
RWF/ESTT/027 06.02.2018 VS Nagendra/SPO, as Grievences Redressal Officer.
RWF/ESTT/016 24.01.2018 Redesignated AWM Post 
RWF/ESTT/015 23.01.2018 Mechanical AWM Post Changes 
RWF/ESTT/009 10.01.2018 Mr.G.Srinivas, AEE Considering for GP-5400
RWF/ESTT/008 03.01.2018 Mr.H.Narayanan,SG/IRSS-Posted as DyCMM - RWF






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