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Click Here:-Important points to be kept in view by the DAR Authorities in Master Circulars

Implementation of Unique Medical Identity Card Scheme-UMID 

परिपत्र संख्या                            तारीख विवरण                                        
No.RWF/TG-1/94/Pt.II 18.06.2020 Extension of Validity of Passes/PTO consequent to National Lockdown -COVID-19
No.RWF/DAR/PU-4/894 07.02.2020 Important points to be kept in view by the DAR Authorities in Master Circulars
No.RWF/OM-2/216 28.10.2019 Furnishing of data by employees for Human Resources Management System-HRMS
No.RWF/ME-18/313/(UMID) 21.10.2019 Implementation of Unique Medical Identity Card Scheme                                                                                                                              
RBE No.50/2019 13.03.2019
Bunching of  stages of pay in the pre-7th CPC  Pay Scales consequent upon fixation of Pay in the revised Pay Scales based  on 7th-CPC .
No.RWF/SC-I-11/662 08.02.2019 Reservation for EWSs & New Post based reservation roster for  direct recruitment for SC/ST &OBCs.
No.RWF/Hon/439/Pt.II 18.01.2019 Grant of Honorarium for lecture
No.2016/E(LL)/AT/MW/1 05.11.2018 Minimum Rates of Wages Variable in DA.2018
No.2018(O&M)/2/5 02.11.2018 Discontinuation of Circulation of hard copies of Orders&Circulars.
No.2016/E(LL)/AT/MW/1 11.09.2018 Minimum Rates of Wages.2018
No.E(G)/2018/PMAY 28.08.2018 Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna -Housing for All 
RBE(O)-III2017/PL/02 30.08.2017/28.08.2017 Looking after the Duties of General Manager
RBE_117_103_2017 01.09.2017/24.08.2017 Travelling Allowance Rules
RBE_ EnHM10_2017 07.08.2017 Swachhta Pakhwada
RBD43_11_2017-F(E)III 15.05.2017 Amendment to Provident Fund
RBE_ 8_2017 02.02.2017 Revision of Rates of Stipend




Rules & Procedures for Appointment in Sports Quota
Rules & Procedures for Appointment in Cultural Quota
Rules & Procedures for Appointment in Scouts & Guides Quota
Rules & Procedures for Appointment in Physically Handicapped Quota

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