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Accounts Office Orders

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RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/564 11.04.2023 Shri.Abhishek has been selected as Acc Clerk in Level-2 through RRB/BNC
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/563 05.04.2023 Smt.Shobha H, Acc assistant  transferred from Expenditure to CBES& Pension
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/555 24.01.2023 Accts Dept. Non Gaz.staff internal transfers 24.01.2023
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/554 20.01.2023 Smt.Nita Jospeh, SS/IRAS Promoted on adhoc basis to JA Grade on 26/02/2022.
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/553 02.01.2023 Smt. Subhashini N.P, JAA transferred from CEBS to Admin &  R&D Section
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/552 26.11.2022 Smt.Jayabarathy.B.R,Sr.SO Upgradation
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/551 26.11.2022 Mr.Krishna,Sr.SO Upgradation
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/550 26.11.2022 Mr.Laxmisagar R.V,  Promoted as Sr.Engineer IT
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/549 24.11.2022 Smt,Nirmala Kumari.V promoted as Jr. Acounts Assistant
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/548 10.11.2022 Smt.Kalaivani,promoted as Acounts Assistant
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/544 01.08.2022 Accts JAA Kalaivani & Meghana S, Accts Clerk internal transfers
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/543 20.06.2022 Smt.Sarvani,promoted as Acounts Assistant
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/542 06.05.2022 Accounts Gaz internal partial modifications existing officers
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/541 16.03.2022 Mr.Deepak Kadam,Sr.SO Temp posted as SrSV
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/540 26.02.2022 Smt.Nita Jospeh DyFA-II 
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/539 12.01.2022 Mr.Kesari and Deepak Kadam,Sr.SO Upgradation
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/538 10.01.2022 Smt.Bharathi Steno, ministerial duties
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/536 3011.2021 Accts staff Sr.SO's Higher Grade L-9
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/535 29.11.2021 Accts staff internal transfers 29.11.2021
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/533 16.09.2021 Uma KB,  posted in Accts Dept. as JAAin Expenditure Section 
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/532 16.09.2021 Uma KB,  posted in Accts Dept. as JAA 
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/530 11.09.2021 Shine Swarup PK,  posted in Accts Dept. as JAA 
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/529 11.09.2021  Pooja K,  posted in Accts Dept. as JAA 
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/531 13.01.2021 2 AA Pooja and Swarupi  posted in Accts Dept.
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/527 09.08.2021 Accts staff internal transfers 09.08.2021
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/526 23.07.2021 Mr.Yogesh .P, Temporarly Posted as Stock Verifier
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/522 01.06.2021 Smt.Subhashini NP Promoted as Account Assistant
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/521 19.03.2021 Smt.Shoba Promoted as Account Assistant
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/520 09.03.2021 Accts staff internal transfers 09.03.2021
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/76 26.02.2021 2 AA posts temp. transferred to Pbranch
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/519 01.02.2021 Mr.Srinivasa Chandra promoted as Sr.SO
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/518 07.01.2021 Mr.Ajit Sundar  Promoted as Sr.SO
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/517 08.12.2020 Mr.NP Singh & Ms.Afreen Umeza Sayed Promoted as JE IT.
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/516 31.10.2020 Mr.Venkatesh M, promoted DCP, Promoted as ACC.
RWF/ESTT/287 17.10.2020 Smt.Aparna Garg,SAG/IRAS,DRM/MYS Transferred to RWF  Posted as PFA
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/514 23.09.2020 Mr.Vasudeva Nayak N, AFA post confirmation
RWF/ESTT/252 24.09.2020 Ms PV.LEELA,PFA SWR, look after the duties of PFA
RWF/ESTT/251 24.09.2020 Ms.Usha Venugopal PFA Transferred to SRly
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/ 30.04.2020 Smt.Zamrud , Accts.Assistant Retired on 30.04.2020.with other dept staff
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/505 16.03.2020 Mr.Praveen.K,Dy.FA, reported to RWF & Mrs.Meghna Sharma is on CCL.
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/499 27.01.2020 Mrs.Geetha Gopanna promoted as Dy.FA&CAO
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/497 20.01.2020 Mr.Vasudeva Nayak N, promoted as AFA
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/495 28.12.2019 Mr.Sudhakar.G, Promoted as Sr.SO
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/494 18.12.2019 Mr.Shaikshavali  promoted as Sr.SO
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/493 05.12.2019 Smt.Megha Chaturvedi promoted as Accts.Assistant
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/488 25.09.2019 MS.Kalaivani appointed as Jr.Accounts Asst.
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/486 04.09.2019 Mr.Manjunatha Rao, promoted as SV
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/484 26.07.2019 Distribution of Charges Gazetted Officers Accounts
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/480 28.06.2019 Mr.Pushpakaran promoted as Sr.AFA
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/479 26.06.2019 Mr.Selva Kumar CG Appointed as Accts. Clerk
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/477 09.05.2019 MS.Meghana Appointed as accounts Clerk
RWF/ACS/ADMN/ESTT/474 25.04.2019 Mr.Harish S Itagi CG Appointment as JE/IT



Source : Welcome to Rail Wheel Factory Official Website CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 14-06-2023  

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